Hair Color Trends for 2020

December 3, 2020

Hair coloring trends certainly take up unprecedented twists and looks every now and then. Subtle or awe-inspiring, the world of hair coloring keeps changing. The new decade is around the corner, making hair Coloring Services to think up of new styles in hair coloring that satiate the preferences of the modern folks. Certain hues are touted to be the dominant trends in 2020 as expected by hair Coloring Services and users.

The Most Trending and Dominant Hair Colors of 2020

A new decade brings with it fresh ways and new trends to highlight the hair with fascinating colors. The hues that are expected to be dominant, according to the best hair salon for color and top colorists are listed below:

  1. Twilighting

Perfect for brunettes, Twilighting is the technique that involves balancing balayaging and babylights. It produces a natural, yet bold result for those with brown hair.  With balayage on the ends and lengths, and babylights placed around the hairline, Twilighting brings out a warm-toned, beautiful brunette hair color festooned with golden specks all along.

Pretty and dazzling with its own golden dimension, this look is about to gain massive popularity. Low-maintenance and the shining, silky, healthy look are the exclusive benefits of this hue.

  1. Classic Blue

Hair Coloring Services across the globe will have a busy schedule with Pantone’s color of the year, with Classic Blue making a big entry this year. This bold hue is expected to help transition out of platinum, even while white hair still grows out. Being on the ashier side, Classic Blue will greatly help to neutralize any gold tones that users wish to camouflage. 

Elegant in its simplicity, this hue is suggestive of the sky at dusk. This hue is about to witness quite a few takers across the continents. 

  1. Tweed Hair

All over the world, there has been a shift from darker roots and lighter ends during recent times. People now prefer to go in for evenly-distributed subtle highlights. Tweed Hair is about to take over as the coolest hue; it is a perfect way of keeping your sun-kissed color through winter. 

Unlike the standard mid-shaft start, Tweed Hair brings highlights all through the roots. World-over, hair Coloring Services are expected to be busy with this style in 2020.

  1. Tonal Terracotta

This latest hair color trend adds dimension and warmth to your hair by using a palette of classic shades. This rich red-brown hue is pretty flattering for most modern women. According to the forecast, more people will switch to auburn hair this year. The intensity of red decides whether you look like a brunette with the charming red undertones or a dark deep reflective red. 

Unlike the customary orange that we associate with terracotta, Tonal Terracotta has a wide range of color palettes from deep pinks to ashes. The gorgeous tonal difference makes the palate diverse and makes you look fabulous. 

  1. Buttery Blonde

Providing 100% gray coverage, Buttery Blonde hair color is best suited for those having natural hair between medium brown and medium blonde. There are lighter shades in this collection that ensure buttery gold or rich Champagne according to your taste. 

Buttercream blonde is a creamy, natural blonde that includes tons of dimensions. The base color is lightened and then full highlights are added to the brighter pieces while leaving a few of the natural color for dimension. 

  1. Chocolate Brown

Resembling the shades of chocolate candy, the Chocolate Brown Color is a lovely, rich, smooth, and delicious brunette hair color. Brunette ladies may choose from among a range of shades that include dark chocolate, spicy chocolate, raspberry-tinted chocolate, and others. Lighter brown highlights combined with full-body waves will make you appear dazzling. 

Brown hair is, of course, going to be a trend in 2020, but Chocolate Brown shade gives a deep, rich touch to it. 

  1. Lilac Hair

This is a new shade added to the pastel palette. Lilac and lavender are touted to be the most desirable shades and styles of the season. Pre-lightening may be required to make your hair extra light blonde first. It is possible to get both temporary and semi-permanent pastel lilac dyes. You may go in for streaks by using some foils. 

This super pretty purple hue is about to create a storm in 2020. All the best hair salons for color across the globe will have this on their list. 

  1. Raspberry Bourbon

This new way of adding rich red highlights to brown hair—Raspberry Bourbon hue—is one of the most trending looks for 2020. It proves to be the best way for brunettes to achieve the red trend without having to go all the way. Named after the famous drink, this color has a rich mahogany base swirled with warm red ribbons on the ends. 

It is an unusual, attractive way of brightening up the hair color. It has depth while also presenting a rustic, bright tone to your hair.

  1. Rooted Greige

Greige is the new multi-dimensional neutral tone derived from gray and beige. Best suited for flatter hair without much luster, this multi-toned style is one of the most popular hair color ideas for 2020. Mushroom brown, when combined with some ashy lighter bits, will work wonders on most skin tones. 

This style gives an edge while not requiring much maintenance.

  1. Orchard Red

The modern Orchard Red color style contains both auburn and copper tones, making your appearance rich and sophisticated. One of the fiery new color trends for 2020, this is perfect for those who want to be redheads without any commitment. This shade combines a multi-dimensional balayage and a dark base. 

Providing a multi-reflective look, this tends to fade quickly. So be prepared for regular upkeep. 


If you are looking for the perfect hair coloring services that ensure a magnificent appearance while ensuring that your hair color and hair are healthy, there are a select few trends. There is a list of best hair salon for color; you need to choose the right one. 

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