Party Hairstyles Party Makeup Tips For a Stunning Look

November 12, 2020

You are invited to your best friends wedding party, and you are not party-ready! How devastating would that be? All you would do is jump and flip and get restless about it because your appointment at the salon just got cancelled. It can be very stressful in times like this. We wouldn’t be able to decide correctly. Being party-ready is necessary to make sure you look picture-perfect. Worry not for here are the latest party makeup and hairstyles that you can stick to, to make you look right for the spotlight!


Bun it up – A messy hair? It’s time to bun it up. Take a middle partition and comb the hair. Tease them a little bit from the back and puff it up. Pull them loosely and bring down to a bun. Let few hair strands play around while others are tied intact. Style it with a pair of roses on the side and big jhumkas. This is a perfect look when you are picking a saree as an outfit. This goes good with both tucked pleats and also a flowing saree pallu. If you are going western, this is good for a knee-length dress.

Let it loose – Do you have a beautiful creative cut? Grab a hot iron and style your fringes or the feathers or steps. Make sure you tame them from the roots. Take a suitable partition and set your hair. Roughly run your fingers through the curls or the hair strands to give it a casual look. Use a hair spray to lock them right. This is good for casual ethnic wear. This is an excellent option for short western dresses as well.

Braid ‘em all – Love your long gorgeous mane? Let us not ruin it. Experiment with fishtail or a usual braid on the side. If a fishtail, take a side partition and do it from the top to the front and bring it on the other side to end. A regular braid also does justice provided you make it right. This hairstyle suits better for any outfit. Are you planning to do a fusion of outfits? This is a perfect choice. Style it up with long earrings with good ear cuffs.

Pull it back and tight – Want a full profile of your face, pull your strands back, tight. Put it up to make a high ponytail or a tight on-the-top bun. Use a good hairspray to keep them intact. Pulling your hair tight at the back gives a good clean image of your face. Go for this style if you are going to put some mild makeup with a strong liner. Keep your foundation and shimmer simple and subtle. Highlight your cheekbones with a shine to give a defined look. Complete this look with a good choker and heavy earrings. This is also an excellent option for off-shoulder, a cold shoulder or a backless dress.

Go Retro – Going retro is all about making a good hair puff. The height of the puff depends on the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, keep it short. On the other hand, if you have a heart-shaped face or a round face, you can play around with the height. You can wither let loose the rest of your hair or bring it to a side ponytail that rests on your shoulder. This hairstyle is great for sarees and even patiyalas or lehengas. A one-shouldered dress also gets along well.


Working on the dazzling eyes – Eyes are the highlights in anyone’s face. Getting the eye makeup right is very important as it can define the entire look of your face. To keep it bold or subtle depends on the outfit that you wear. Keep it bold when you have a heavy dress and bold colours. On the contrary, keep it subtle and low-key if you are wearing light and simple colours with minimal design. Do not go for heavy and dense eyelashes as it will look artificial. Pick the medium one. Also, make sure you blend the colours of the eye-shadow right and don’t leave them abrupt.

Choosing the right shade – Be it cheek powder or the eye shadow, make sure you choose the one that matches close to your skin tone. Make sure you pick the right foundation. Some people end up selecting tones that are two shades brighter than their shade. The colour difference shows off evidently in the camera lighting. Also, do not put over-do the foundation. Keep it minimal and not with so many layers. This will make you look clean and beautiful.

Playing around with the contour – Contour plays the most important part in your look as it defines you. It defines your face. If you have chubby cheeks and want a more defined look, concentrate on bringing out a sculpted look on your cheekbones and either side of your nose starting from the bridge-bone to the tip of your nose. The choice of your look defines the kind of contouring you want. Keep it minimal unless you are sure of the bold look.

Getting the highlights right – Along with contouring, highlights too, define your look. Highlight your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and the T-zone.

Keeping it flawless – Once you are done with makeup, put on a setting spray that will make your makeup stay longer and perfect in the bright lights. Pick the look that matches your outfit and the hairstyle.

Here are some quick tips that are often suggested and followed by various hairstyle salons in Chennai along with some simple makeup tips to remember in the last minute

  • Keep your hairstyle neat and correctly set.
  • Always carry a hair spray with you
  • Keep your touch-up pad ready in your clutch
  • If you are going to an office party, keep your makeup subtle and simple
  • Secure all the unwanted loose ends with hairpins, so they don’t mess with your overall look
  • When you are experimenting with curls, be careful not to burn your skin
  • Please pay close attention to dark circles and conceal them properly
  • Dab some rosewater in a cotton swab to clean the makeup safely. You can also use almond oil for better results
  • Do not forget to do the basics – Cleanse, tone and moisturize, before you apply makeup.
  • Use a dry shampoo is you are running out of time
  • Use baby powder to hide any excess oil in your hair roots

There are various other tips that you could follow, and you can always research on them before picking the final look and style. For a safer deal, always plan and book an appointment with the best hairstyling salon in Chennai or the best salon for a professional and perfect look unless you are sure of doing that by yourself. What are the quick-tips that you follow? Let us know!

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