5 Trending Traditional Bridal Makeup Look Ideas For Brides


November 29, 2022


Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Millennial brides don’t want to go with the traditional red and green options for their weddings. Now they want to look their most natural, with a minimalistic, no makeup look using a neutral palette.

Every time a celebrity gets married, a new trend takes over. The millennial bride wants to jump on the trend train but also create a look with a touch of uniqueness that will make her stand out.

Make-up artists nowadays enjoy creating new looks for these brides. It is important to note that it is not just the looks you want to go with. You should also make sure that it suits you. Just because it looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it is the look for you. Here are some trending Traditional Bridal Makeup Look Ideas that brides can try on their  wedding day. 

Beauty tips for brides to follow leading up to their wedding.

When there are only a few weeks left before your wedding, you need to get started! Prepare your skin days in advance to have the brightest, blemish-free, radiant skin for your wedding. Here’s a list of a few things to follow religiously.

1.  Get enough sleep

2. Begin your day with a de-bloating drink.

3. Cut down on junk food—all that oil can do harm to your skin.

4. Get a manicure and pedicure in advance.

5. Use beauty serums to rejuvenate your skin.

6. Exercise – Try to hit the gym.

7. Book an appointment for a facial.

8.  Meditate and be calm.

9. Exfoliate your face in timed intervals.

10. Get a haircut for your D-day.

11.  Maintain a wholesome diet.

12. Care for your lips

13. Try and relax – get rid of that stress!!

Trending traditional bridal makeup ideas for brides.

The ideal look to suit you perfectly. Here are a few looks to get you inspired. These bridal-beauty look ideas are in style and here to stay, despite makeup trends constantly evolving. As a complement to their bling and beauty, these makeup looks also have a vibe that has significantly influenced us.

Whatever type of makeup you prefer, you will likely discover something that fits your sense of style. These most popular bridal makeup ideas, whether bold or modest, have been gaining traction and are a must-try for just about any bride-to-be.

You can take inspiration from all the looks on your mood board and customize them. 

1. Pastel Infused Makeup

This look was a game-changer in the bridal makeup game. The way she has infused a pastel pink into her makeup is just beautiful. The simple makeup is aesthetic, but it doesn’t have much bling. Which is perfect – this traditional bridal makeup look is the perfect example of your makeup complementing your outfit. The matching jewellery is the icing on the cake.

If you want to make your outfit do all the talking by doing subtle pastel-infused makeup, then you can visualize the look you want by creating a mood board with your pastel wedding outfit and the pastel-infused makeup that you want to do. Infuse the same pastel shades in your makeup as well.

Hairstyle tip:  Opt for a simple low-rise bun with pa partdepending on the shape of your face. Adorn the bun with mogras to match your outfit, or you can go for a little bling with a maangteeka that complements your jewellery.

2. Dewy glow with a red lip

“Red” is a wedding classic. No matter what the colour of your outfit is, a red lip alone is enough to give you a bridal look. What is better than that? A perfect dewy glow finish with a red lip to compliment it.

The ideal finish for this look is minimal eyeliner and lashes. Just let the red lip do all the talking. A dewy makeup look with the right shade of blush and a highlighter that complements the bling in the outfit is the best way to go.

Hairstyle tip:  A messy bun with a little puff, depending upon the bride’s hair texture.

3. Nude lip with an Accentuated eye

The eyes are the windows to your soul. If your eyes are your best feature, then it must be the showstopper. Accentuate your eyes with eye makeup (not a smokey eye). The right variation of eye shadow can bring out the beauty of your eyes.

Make the look bolder with some long lashes and beautiful winged eyeliner. Keep the rest of your face minimal with a light highlighter, and for your lips, use a nude shade that best suits your skin tone.

Hairstyle tip: Go for a messy princess braid with ringlets.

4. Subtle base with glam eyes

Every little girl dreams of having bronze eye makeup at her wedding. The right shade of bronze with the perfect wing with minimal lashes is the way to go when you want a bridal makeup look that compliments your outfit.

It is best for a summer wedding with rosy cheeks and bronzey eyes; make sure you prep your skin to get the right kind of final texture.

Hairstyle tip: A crimpled effect on open hair to add some drama.

5. Highlighted cheekbones with a smokey eye

You can either go for the typical bold smokey eye or a metallic eye to compliment your outfit. It is the best way to accentuate your eyes and make you look your best at your wedding.

 If you have a long face with sharp cheekbones, then let people notice by highlighting your cheekbones in the best shade of highlighter to bring out the bling. Go for a subtle nude shade for your lips to let the focus stay on the eyes.

 Hairstyle tip: A braided half-up, half-down hairdo.

Conclusion :

Experiment with these makeup ideas for your traditional wedding makeup look. Choose from the top 5 marriage makeup looks; even better, have it done by professional traditional bridal makeup artists from Essentuals Salon, one of Chennai’s finest beauty parlours that offers services such as wedding hair styling, haircuts, beard styling, traditional marriage makeup, and much more.  

What are some other trending bridal makeup looks that can be on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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