All About Essensuals Salon: Best Unisex Salon In Chennai

all about essensuals salon

March 9, 2021

Essensuals – The Best Salon In Chennai

Many women and men prefer going to the salon to uplift their beauty looks. They often go to a salon to get various beauty services done as not all are experts and can do at home. There are so many salons in Chennai and among them, one of the best salons in Chennai is Essensuals. If you are looking for some best salon experience then you must try Essensuals.

When it comes to professional bridal make-up services in Chennai, consider essensuals. Our experts keep themselves updated on the latest trends to be on top to provide you with the best of our services. We adore new styles and encourage people to explore various shades that their creativity can offer. While you have the idea, we have the experts and the tools to bring it to life.

At Essensuals we provide many services like hair colouring, hair cut, hair styling,  bridal makeup, beard styling and party makeup. You name it, we will do it for you. Now you have to worry no more about stepping out for an event. 

With over 140 salons across the world, Essensuals is one of the best salons in Chennai. Our motto is to provide exceptional services while making sure to maintain professionalism and style. We believe that both women and men should get equal services and opportunities to develop their style and so our unisex salon is just the right place for both women and men to get them dressed or look at their best.

Best-In-Class Stylists

Our stylists are best in class, equipped with the professional subject and practical knowledge to bring out the best style in you. Are you confused and not sure what hairstyle or hair colour to choose? Not to worry, we have our stylists who can suggest for you.

Since they are experienced professionals, they will exactly suggest what suits the best for you. And so, when confused, knock on our salon doors. Our stylists are also professionals in creating unique styles for every person. Our personalized services are sure to amaze you. We believe that our customers come to us to enhance their beauty and it’s not just for women. We take equal pride to style men based on their character and what suits them best.

Our stylists can handle both men and women clients and so we are the best unisex salon in Chennai. Our stylists create many unique and best styles that you are sure to want to explore. You can visit our salon in various parts of Chennai to check it out for yourself. We have the best and affordable hair styling salon services in Chennai.

What Are We Best At

Our aim is to make you look the best on your special day. For this, we work on various services. Online traditional salons that have styling experts, ours are top-notch who are very well trained in their skills and are passionate about what they do.

Passion is one thing that can drive people to deliver their best and this can be found in every single stylist of ours. We offer an array of services which we know will not only make our clients happy but also make them feel pampered.

Here are the various services that we offer:


When it comes to hiding those greys, we are the experts. For flawless and natural-looking hair touch-ups, we use the best products and the best people for the job. Explore with us root rage that fixes and gives a root touch-up the right way, our glossy locks that make your hair glossy and leave it shining, special treatments for your blond locks and other essential hair colouring services.


A hairstyle can make or break your look. But worry not for we have the best hands for it. Our stylists dedicate their time to creating desirable and wearable styles for you that can make every head turn and look at you.


For us, it’s all about the perfect finish. We believe that a perfect finish can make things more beautiful. Heading to a party, our experts are here to give that perfect blow-dry or those perfect locks for your special day. Our stylists constantly keep themselves updated with the latest trends and styles to provide you with the best services. Our hairdressing services are sure to make you look the best version of yourself on your special day.

Male Grooming

Who says only women can have all the fun? Our gentlemen’s grooming club offers the perfect style for you based on your personality to give you a character. Confused about what to do with your beard or how to groom it? Worry not, come to us and we know exactly if you will look smart with a moustache or a clean shave will compliment you more.

Hair Spa

Relax and get lost in deep relaxation as you sit in our salon chairs for your spa. Our professionals are equipped to give you the best hair spa services in Chennai to make your day more relaxed and stress-free. A tiring lifestyle has become mundane for everyone and it feels heaven to get lost while getting the perfect hair spa that comes with relaxing massage.

Keratin Treatment

Tired of curls and need some bouncy straight locks that look seamless and dances with every move of yours? Say hello to our keratin treatment that can make your hair look wonderful and can even change the way you look.

Bridal Services

We understand how important your big day is to you. And when you come to us we will make sure it is extra special by making you look at your best self on that day. Explore our bridal services right from professional bridal makeup in Chennai to bridal hair stylists in Chennai. Our bridal makeup artists ensure you find the perfect makeup style for your big day.
At Essensuals we offer services to not just serve our clients but to also make them feel best along with some pampering with our services that many need in a stressed routine.

Get our expert services at one of the best salons in Chennai.

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