7 Tips to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer


November 25, 2022

Glam up your fashion statement! It’s not a hair colour; it’s a state of mind. 

Perhaps you’ve decided to experiment with an entirely new hair colour, or you’re simply freshening your natural tint. You’ll want to make sure your new colour remains as long as possible for any reason. Good news: Maintaining your hair colour isn’t as intimidating as it seems. Ready to get started? 

It’s time for a colour change, so you head to the salon and shell out a small fortune on everything from highlights to lowlights and maybe even a glaze. The question now is: How to make hair colour last longer? Read through the blog, and get valuable insights to maintain a chic and dazzling look. 

Introduction :

You love your new hair colour, but how do you plan on keeping it? Here are some insightful tricks and drops to make hair colour last longer.

 One of the most popular ways to drastically alter your appearance overnight is with your hair. Since hair takes a while to grow out, trimming your hair might not be the best way to experiment with your appearance.

Flaunt your hair as it’s the perfect accessory adorned by you!

If you want your colour to last long, colour-treated hair needs extra care, regardless of whether you have platinum blonde,brown, black, red, or even blue hair. Nothing is worse than spending big bucks at your hair salon for the newest trending colour and then having it fade after a week due to not taking care of your locks. Trust us: people have learnt it the hard way, 

Hair colour: Affirmation of beauty, an expression of self-love! 

 You can experiment with your style without compromising the length of your hair by changing the colour of your hair. And the best thing is that you may now choose any colour from the colour spectrum for your hair. You must get a professional to dye your hair dramatically because this requires chemical treatment. Here we will present some useful techniques for making your hair colour longer. 

  • When washing your hair, always use cold water. Hot water quickly fades the colour of hair in addition to drying it out.
  • After getting your hair coloured, don’t forget to regularly oil your hair. Oiling protects the hair colour and prevents the hair from getting further damaged.
  • It is preferable to limit your use of heated hair styling tools. Heat damages and dries out the hair, which leads to more hair loss and damage. Let us dive into the topic to garner more valuable insights by offering you some valuable tips to make your hair colour last longer. 
  • Hard water development can make our hair less capable of holding onto colour molecules, which is one of the main reasons our colour can appear dull or lifeless. Try wearing a shower cap or purchasing a filter for your shower head to prevent unwanted accumulation rather than shampooing your hair daily.

Tips to make hair colour last longer:

You may help your hair become healthier and keep your magnificent, brilliant hair colour by making a few simple changes to your usual haircare routine.

Keeping your hair colour looks fabulous and shiny is not always simple. It appears that hair colour never wants to stay in place, from faded roots to dull-looking ends.

 While you can’t put off touching up your hair indefinitely, you can keep the freshness and gloss of your colour between visits to the salon. You may develop healthy hair habits that support stunning, glossy strands by making a few small changes to your lifestyle—looking for tips on maintaining the finest possible appearance for your hair colour? Here are seven healthy tips to make your hair colour last longer. 

1.Do not shampoo right away: 

Before shampooing, our experts advise waiting at least 24 hours to allow the colour to penetrate the hair fully. Our stylists advise rinsing your hair with cool water and scrubbing the scalp with your fingertips if you’re anxious to feel like you have clean hair.

After being applied to your hair, a hair colour settles into your hair over 24 hours. Even after your hair has been rinsed by the stylist, the dye will continue to work for the next few hours. The colour won’t be able to integrate nicely if you wash your hair at home. It will cause the colour of your hair to fade. You must wait at least 24 hours if you want your hair colour to last long.

2. Say no to hot water

That hot shower might feel good after a long day, but is it worth ruining your hair colour over? We didn’t think so.

Many women enjoy long, hot showers, although doing so dehydrates their skin and hair. Additionally, using hot water might fade the colour of your hair. Reduce the temperature of the water you use to wash your hair and the number of times you wash it each week if you want it to stay glossy and healthy for a long time. Only apply shampoo to the roots of your hair, then allow it to work its way down the length to clean it thoroughly. Shampoo shouldn’t be used on the length of your hair because it can dry out your hair and remove colour. Dry shampoo can be used in between washes.

3. Invest in top-notch hair conditioning treatments

Colour-treated hair can be a bit brittle and may need more care and attention from you. Spend your money on nourishing treatments for coloured hair, such as rich hair masks and hair oils. Take product recommendations from our hair stylist at Essentials, and use those products diligently to preserve your hair. If you don’t regularly deep condition your coloured hair, even the most beautifully done hair colours can look dull and lifeless. To add moisture to your hair, you can choose a hair spa treatment at our salon and get visible results. 

4. Avoid heat-styling your hair too often

Hot styling products can harm your hair severely even if you don’t have coloured hair. Just think about what adding heat can do to your hair, as hair colour can already be drying. Use a flat and curling iron sparingly, and avoid over-drying your hair. Use a dryer, but don’t use it at the highest temperature if you still want to. By creating a physical barrier between your hair and the hot styling tool using a heat-protectant spray or serum, you can prevent damage to the hair shaft. Your hair may also become lighter and fade more quickly in the sun.

5. Use hair products meant for coloured hair

If you want your hair colour to last a long time, you must use hair care products designed specifically for coloured hair. It is crucial since other products could remove the colour from your hair. For coloured hair, use shampoo and conditioner free of SLS, alcohol, and other ingredients that can dry out your hair and shorten the life of your hair colour. Since the colour can slightly dry the hair shaft, you should use nutritious items for your hair. 

Please book an appointment at our salon, which offers award-winning hair colouring services in Chennai. Maintaining your glossy hair is vital by using safe and healthy products. It is one of the useful tips on how to make your hair colour stay longer. 

6. Use a colour protectant shampoo

Your choice of shampoo is key in preventing your hair colour from fading. Use a shampoo made specifically for hair with colour treatments when you wash your hair. Colour-safe shampoos retain your hair colour and ensure it does not fade soon while balancing its natural pH. Additionally, they provide moisturising and nourishing components that help to rebuild and repair your hair. Steer clear of shampoos that contain abrasive substances like sulphates and alcohol. Your hair will lose colour and moisture due to them.

7. Reduce Your Exposure To Damp Air

Avoid taking long showers and high humidity because both cause hair colour is fading. While taking a shower, wear a shower hat, and avoid frequently wetting your hair. Use anti-humidity serums to shield your hair, especially in the rainy seasons.

Best home remedy for long-lasting results

  • We are all aware of coconut oil’s numerous advantages for our hair. For years, our parents and grandparents have stood by it. Did you realise, however, that it may also be used to safeguard coloured hair? Pure coconut oil massaged into your hair regularly will prolong the life of your hair colour and keep them from becoming dry and lifeless.


Spread two tablespoons of coconut oil equally along the hairline. Massage the oil through your hair until it is distributed evenly to the ends. Leave it on for at least an hour before washing it off with lukewarm water and shampoo free of sulphates. For optimal results, use the oil at least twice each week.

Wrapping Up :

For long-lasting results, it is vital to follow the above-listed tips on making your hair colour stand longer. We offer the ideal hue, and our style specialists are up to date on the latest fashions. The most well-known hair salon in Chennai for colouring increases confidence by making you feel and look most attractive. 

Please let us know about your experience maintaining hair colour in the comments section below. 

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