Winter hair trends for women


December 30, 2022

Glam up your fashion game with new winter hair trends! 

Winter’s hair trends are about having fun and figuring out the latest hairstyles to keep them simple and classy! Stylists are seeing a resurgence of haircuts and trying to imbibe some trendy cool hairstyles but with new twists, including further pixie bob cuts, braided ponytails, or blonde hair lights that will make the millennials stand out among others. Winter is always a great time to have a hair switch that will help you keep trying new exciting trends, which will glam up your style game. 

We are ready to pull off the coats and jackets as soon as the temperature falls. This means it’s time for a transition in the winter season too! From fun nail trends to new makeup ideas, our stylists implement several hair inspirations to glam your fashion look! 

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for new hairstyles, trendy hair colours, or snazzy haircuts. Below are the latest winter hair trends, discussed as follows. 

1. Classy side swept bangs

This hair trend will sweep you off your feet. Whether bangs are long, cropped, or heavy, they play an essential role in determining the whole look. With all the versatility and style, side bangs are a popular trend. Every face shape can be suitable for side bangs, which are impressive and complimenting. 

The end of 2022 is all about embracing and flaunting the classic new hairstyles during winter. Long bangs are one of the most versatile hairstyles that look chic and eccentric. Hairstyles with long bangs define refinement and femininity. 

Style tip: Try thick bangs that hit your cheekbones that make you carry a chic and glamorous look. Our stylists will help you create a sophisticated and elegant look! You can try wispy bangs that can make you steal the show! 

2. Chic blow drys

 Bouncy, polished 90’s blowouts are trending again. It’s sleek and bouncy, with curls that gather nicely at the end of the hair. The polished, classic 90’s blowout hairstyle is back and better than ever! From makeup trends to accessories, several trends are coming back. It is one of the hairstyles preferred by women who want to create an ultimate effortless chic look with minimal fuss. Step into our salon that will help you create a fabulous, gorgeous look which will make heads turn around! 

Style tip: You can discover the blow dry hair type: sleek, wavy or curly look that suits you for high volume and glossy hair at our salon. 

3. Voguish strawberry highlights

Do you wish to have a touch of warm hues in your hair colour this winter season? You can opt for extended strawberry highlights for your bouncy, voluminous hair that will give you a glamorous look. It will be a simple transition that wouldn’t require much of a touch-up every week and will enhance your look. You can play safe with colours and maintain longer, bouncy hair, to hold on to a bolder look! 

Style tip: Try strawberry blonde for long, curly hair, which can make your hair look like a cinnamon bun. We have our stylists to get the full scoop on this classy trend! 

4. Sophisticated french fringe hairstyle

This hairstyle is wispy and effortless and creates an awe-inspiring, chic look. It is one winter hair trend that never goes out of style. It goes well with all hair lengths to create a high-toned and elegant look. This hairstyle is a classically chic way to add an effortless and stylish look this winter season! 

Style tip: You can air dry and blow dry with a round brush with your hair up to create equally stunning results. 

5. Fluttering butterfly cut

The trending butterfly haircut is performed with long layers to emulate the shape of a butterfly’s wing. There can be variations performed according to the face frame of an individual. The butterfly cut is becoming one of the most popular 2022’s winter hairstyles. The longer the hair, the better it is to pull the best look! Another benefit of this butterfly cut is its versatility. It can be swept and blown out from the face to create a wispy look! 

Style tip: As this hairstyle requires maintenance, use a long round brush and a blow dryer to maintain the chic look! 

6. Long flattering choppy layers

More extended layering can be a perfect choice to create a flaunting vibe among others during winter! If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning to have this hairstyle. Your option is excellent, as this hairstyle will help you create a glamorous silhouette and make you stand out from the crowd to create a funky look! Ensure if you have thicker hair, it is best to add soft texturing to create a fabulous look! 

Style tip: Try platinum blonde highlights for your long choppy layers. Use a long round brush to maintain soft, bouncy layers. 

7. Go retro with barbie ponytails

Sleek ponytails will always be in trend, and 2022 is back with retro hairstyles. A barbie ponytail has curled strands with side bangs over the forehead. The signature flick at the end creates a more chic and fabulous look! The best part about this hairstyle is that it is classy and works with all hair types or lengths. You can use straighteners or curling wands to flip the curls at the end of your elegant ponytail. 

Style tip: Add a ribbon to your ponytail to make it look more classy and enhance the retro look during winter!

Tips for maintaining hair during the winter season 

  • Moisturise your scalp area with hair oil to nourish hair follicles during winter. 
  • Use creamy, nourishing conditioners containing jojoba oils for deep nourishment and hydration of your hair. 
  • Always wash your hair with lukewarm water to avoid a dry scalp and itchy flakes. 
  • Get regular trims to embrace the look and style of your hair. 

With Toni&Guy, it’s #goodhairday..every day!

We’re the forerunners upgrading the hairstyling experience from start to finish. We are one of the high-end hair salons that offer top-notch services in the beauty and fashion industry. Our stylists provide quintessential hair treatments at our exquisitely designed salons to make you stand out among the crowd and flaunt yourself with grace and confidence. 

Wrapping Up

We hope the above-listed hairstyles gave you a glimpse of trends during the winter season. But remember that your look is incomplete without a smile and confidence. So women out there, cheer up, as it’s your time to shine! Avail of the best hairdressing services at our salon, and ace the fashion game! 


1. What are the new hairstyles for 2023?

Several hairstyles will be trendy in 2023. It ranges from pixie bob cut, rounded layers, blonde hair with highlights, and many more. These hairstyles will help you create a classy chic look. 

2. Which hair colour is preferred for winter trends?

A range of hair colours can warm up your hair tone during the winter season. It would include dark blonde, honey blonde, and icy blonde colour, which is undoubtedly one of the hottest hair colour trends in 2023. 

3. What is the hair trend for 2023? 

As we are stepping into 2023, you can imagine several groovy and funky hairstyles sprucing the entire season! It would include bob cuts with round layers or side bangs with great highlights reminiscent of the ’90s hairstyles. 

4. Is layered hair a popular trend during 2023?

Yes, heavily layered hairstyles are increasingly becoming popular during the second half of 2023. It is a renowned hairstyle inspired by several celebrities and hair stylists. 

5. What hair colours should I avoid during the winter season? 

Since dark hair colours are becoming trendy during winter, you should avoid light hair colours. So we recommend you stick to dark, icy colours on your hair palette while visiting salons. As per your specification, top stylists would recommend you an array of hair colours that would suit your hair texture. 

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