7 Most Trending party makeup look in 2022


November 29, 2022

If it makes you feel beautiful, then do it.

Asking yourself what the biggest makeup trends are for 2022.Simply put, it’s all about natural, luminous looks this year, so get ready to glow. If you’re looking for the best makeup trends for this spring and beyond, we’ve got you covered, whether it’s bold eye makeup or a minimalist bronzed face.

Flaunt with style

This is the season to get glammed up and go out on the town! It’s about the get-togethers, the big fat family weddings and, of course, the parties that last longer than the night. With the fun and excitement, these parties bring comes the tedious task of selecting the perfect party makeup looks.

And the number of times you get confused about putting up a glam glitter look or going all subtle with nude eyes and matte lips is countless, aren’t they? So we’ve got seven amazing party makeup looks for you to try.

1. Groove with bright blush

 Blush has returned and is better than ever. One of the season’s newest makeup trends is statement blush — and even over-blushing. Brighter colour palettes, such as bold peach and punchy pink, are currently taking centre stage.

Style tip: Fun swipes and swaths of bright colour are on trend, and there are plenty of ways to pull them off – use rich cobalt as an underliner, a monotone block of pink on your lid, or add a jewel-toned marsala or ultraviolet to your smokey look! 

2. Go glittery, go glam!

From Euphoria to the spring fashion runways, it’s clear that this season is all about the eyes. In any event, the eyes do the majority of the talking! The best makeup party look is glittery with shimmery eye shadow palettes on a festive occasion. You can add some shimmer loose pigments and then cover them with a glitter or metallic eye shadow! Bright eyeshadow, embellished features and glitter are all the rage right now.

Style tip: Wear nude lipstick to balance out your grunge, glitter, or jewel-toned eyes; if you’re wearing a daytime drape of taupe or brown, go for a brighter colour on your lips to add some oomph to the look. Whether you love spending Netflix nights, glitter eyeshadow is to your cue! 

3. Embrace the nude palette

No-makeup look: Those familiar with makeup essentials will always recognise the distinction between no makeup and no-makeup makeup look. No-makeup makeup aims to achieve an effortless yet stunning look as if you just woke up and your skin is glowing naturally. No makeup -makeup look is always in style, whether natural makeup, nude, or minimal coverage.

Style tip: Using a natural blush shade is an excellent way to achieve the no-makeup makeup look. To change up your no-makeup makeup look, leave your eyes bare or contour them lightly with the essential regard to make up the palette in natural brown and light shades.

4. Smokey Metallica

Who doesn’t like a good smokey eye? This sultry and gorgeous eye makeup makes a bold statement and has been in style for a long time. Smoky eyes are everyone’s go-to eye makeup look for any occasion. Whether you’re a makeup junkie or not, you’ve probably looked up ‘how to do a smokey eye’ at least once. With a bit of shimmer, you’ll be ready to sashay your way through any ethnic or trendy party.

Adding metallic shades in contrast or matching the outfit to smokey eyes has recently become one of the most popular party makeup looks.

Style tip: Use a white or nude eye pencil instead of kajal on the lower waterline for small eyes. Smokey eye makeup is not for the faint of heart, but with the right tips and tricks, anyone can master it.

5. Flaunt yourself with layered liners

Groove into the party season with this coloured layered liner makeup trend! Line your eyes with beautiful colourful liners to amp up your lashes and make your eyes pop out! Try playing with colourful layered eyeliners to give your eyes a bomb pop-up!

Style tip: You can use a darker shade in the inner corner of the eyes; over it, draw another line in the shadow of any bright colour, from blue to green. Fire your eye makeup with strokes of bright colours. 

6. Go trendy with faux freckles and glossy lips

The days of trying to conceal freckles are long gone. Instead, we’ve gone the other way: faux freckles are one of the season’s biggest beauty trends. As we approach warmer weather, we’re looking for more natural, winter-ready makeup looks.

Lip gloss has returned in full force, a nod to the 90s nostalgia that has recently experienced a resurgence. Say hello to glossy, plump lips, the perfect makeup look for any occasion. 

Style tip: Use vibrant colours to style your lips at every party! 

7. Cop the perfect kohl cat eyes 

The cat eye makeup look is a quintessential beauty statement! It has become a go-to look; it’s quick, quirky and trendy. Also, it accentuates the eyes and makes them look bigger and bolder. You can develop your signature style. 

Style tip: You don’t have to stick to black; spritz your eyeliner brush with water or makeup-fixing spray before drawing a killer cat-eye with any eyeshadow palette.

Bonus trend tip: Bold brows

  • Celebrities and makeup artists/influencers are embracing bushier brows, which are currently trending. The current trend is to make your brows darker or fuller than usual. For those with light brown hair, it can mean mastering the brow game so that they appear entirely covered.
  • Remember to brush it all out at the end to ensure that the fillers are evenly distributed on the brow hair and not on your skin.

Key takeaways

  • Wash your face: Before applying makeup, wash it to remove any excess oils or dirt.
  • Face moisturiser. Moisturiser is essential to apply before makeup because it replenishes your skin’s natural oils and prevents it from drying out or flaking.
  • Cover up blemishes and dark circles. Dab a small dot of concealer on your blemishes with a concealer that matches your skin tone.
  • Use eyeliner to draw attention to your eyes: You can use a liquid or pencil on your eyelids. 

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Wrapping up :

In 2022, you can ace any makeup trend. Try playing with several shades for eye makeup, plumpy lips or bold eyebrows. There are no rules to be followed; try stylish makeup trends that help you flaunt yourself and make the crowd turn heads!

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