Beauty tips for women who work on the computer all-day

October 17, 2023


Modern women have learned to juggle work and family life amid technological advancements. They spend hours on end staring at a computer screen for hours on end, balancing responsibilities. The more they glue themselves to computer screens, the more it impacts their beauty. 

They will need to battle issues like dry skin, tired eyes, neck strain, etc. But no more worries! We have listed the best beauty tips for women on computer to achieve radiant skin and health. Read till the end of the blog to boost beauty for busy techy women. 

Top 12 Beauty Tips For Digital Divas!

The expert stylists of Essensuals list the top beauty hacks for women with all-day screen time.  

1. Sunscreen Is Your BFF!

beauty tips for women

Sunscreen is a must even indoors because the harmful UV rays can sneak in through windows and potentially affect your skin. It is your confidant because it protects your skin from the effects of the computer’s blue light emission. 

Wear SPF30 or above to keep it radiant and youthful while working on gadgets. Never underestimate the superpower of SPF, your faithful buddy! We bet your skin will thank you for years to come. 

2. Tone It Up, Girl!

Bid goodbye to dullness by incorporating toner into your skin regimen. Kickstart your day by cleansing your face and applying the magic potion, i.e., toner, before settling for work. Who doesn’t love the cool, tingly sensation on their face? 

Toner perfectly balances your skin’s pH levels and keeps you stay refreshed. We bet you can see an enviable glow on your face on regular usage. Like, who go you smiling? Make way for toner!

3. Turn Back Time With Anti-Ageing Products!

beauty tips for women

The staring game with your computer highly impacts your skin, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. To age gracefully, use anti-ageing products like Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, etc. The powerhouses with potent ingredients will fight against time and be your best allies. Use them at night and wake up as timeless beauty!

4. Antioxidants: Your Skin’s First Love!

Moisturisers and Serums with antioxidants are a treasure box for tech ladies. It is because they fight off free radicals, nourish your skin deeply and give a healthy glow. Opting for ingredients like Green Tea, Vitamin E, and Niacinamide will protect your skin when you are busy coding!

So use products rich in antioxidants to face your digital challenge with a fresh and dewy complexion. 

5. A Relaxing Massage’s Magic!

What is a better option than giving yourself a rejuvenating massage after a long and rough day? Start with the centre of your face, move outward gently in a circular motion, and give upward strokes. 

Massaging is the best way to boost circulation and relax facial muscles that are tightened due to heavy work stress. Through this, you can achieve a radiant glow. 

6. Ice For Your Face!

It is usual for your skin to feel puffy after a long day of screen time. Take an ice cube and glide it over your face for an instant life-up. You will get a fresh look in a jiff with this hack. It reduces puffiness and also tightens pores, making your skin glow. 

Now let’s bring a twist to the ice game. Before freezing, you can infuse the ice cubes with cucumber juice or green tea. 

7. Eye Cream For A Win!

Too much computer usage can give you dark circles. Since eyes are the windows to your soul, use eye creams to protect them at any cost. This magic product can keep the fine lines and darker areas around your eyes at bay!

Dot the cream gently with your ring finger, avoiding applying too much because it is a sensitive area.

8. Wear your shield: Computer Glasses!

Wear computer glasses to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. It also helps reduce eye strain and work on projects with ease. You can choose a trendy design that suits your face and make a style statement too! 

Safeguard your eyes from screen glare; we bet your eyes will thank you for the extra love.

9. Good Food = Good Skin!

beauty tips for women

The simple principle to keep your skin young is “Eat right to look bright”. You have to keep your snacking game healthy. Opt for nuts, fruits, and plenty of water to keep your skin nourished and hydrated from within. 

Besides these, to keep your skin soft and supple, include colourful vegetables (berries, carrots, beets, spinach), Omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish and nuts), etc.

10. Take Breaks: Follow The 20-20-20 Rule!

Working in a digital space with gadgets requires a time-to-time break. You should move your body for blood circulation. You can also try the famous 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes, you can take a 20 seconds break and look at something 20 feet away. 

This can help you avoid eye strain and keep you refreshed. 

11. Keep Your Hair Game On!

Are you forgetting to care for your precious crown while working in the digital landscape? If yes, don’t delay anymore. Your hair deserves equal care and attention, like your skin. Tie your hair in a loose bun or braid, and avoid styling it too tight during work hours. 

If you work from home, apply oil to the scalp to protect your hair from too much screening time. 

12. Look Up To Your Posture While Working!

When you are busy working, have you taken some time to see the posture of your body? Bad posture can cause backaches. You can invest in an ergonomic chair. It supports your lower back and keeps you comfortable while working for long hours, looking at the screen. 

If not, just sit straight comfortably and keep your screen at eye level.

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You can also be a computer wizard and keep your beauty game on! By following these beauty tips for women on computer, you can radiate beauty and conquer the digital world with style and grace. 


1). How can I protect my face from my computer screen?

Use a blue light screen protector or computer glasses to protect your face from the computer screen. Using these can reduce the harmful rays from damaging your skin and accelerating premature ageing. 

2). How can I care for my skin while working from home?

Following a simple skincare routine, like cleansing, toning, moisturising, and applying sunscreen, can keep your skin clean and protected. You should also stay hydrated throughout the day to maintain your skin’s natural glow. 

3). What beauty foods to eat while working?

While working, you can include foods rich in antioxidants, like berries, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc. You can also incorporate chia seeds, salmon, walnuts, etc., into your diet. Besides drinking water, have watermelons, cucumbers, etc., to keep your skin soft and supple. 

4). How many litres of water should you drink while working?

Drinking about 2 to 3 litres of water per day is recommended to stay hydrated while working. It helps to stay focused, preventing fatigue and supporting overall health and well-being. However, water intake depends on individual hydration needs, climate, and activity level. 

5). How to protect your hair while working?

Do not tie your hair tight and prefer loose bun or braids. Use hair-friendly accessories like scrunchies and silk hair ties on your strands. Avoid using excessive heat styling tools. Ensure to keep your hair away from the keyboard and reduce damage. 

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