10 Things That You Must Know Before Booking Your Bridal Makeup Artist

December 29, 2020

Are your wedding bells around the corner? Then this is a perfect blog. It is quite natural to get wedding jitters at this time. But if you see, at many weddings the jitters are more about the arrangements and not because of the overwhelming feeling of going to a new home. This is expected as there are so many things to tend to when it comes to a wedding. And bumping into a not so good makeup artist is the last thing that any bride will want. Each bride is different, and they have their own style. 

While many women want to choose the right makeup artist for their wedding, there are a few things that they often miss out to ask before they hire someone. Here are a few things you should be asking and looking for in a makeup artist before you book the right one.

But before we start, a pro tip will be to keep searching for someone right after you decide your date. Finding the right makeup artist can be challenging, but it is possible when you do your homework the right way. Review their Instagram page, talk to their previous clients, check their portfolio and see if their style matches yours.

If possible always first shortlist those who have done makeup for someone you know. This way, you can get first-hand feedback.

Finally moving to the part, here are the top things you need to remember when you look out before booking your bridal makeup artist.

Are they available on your wedding dates? 

You need to ask your bridal makeup artist if they are available on your wedding date or if they have other bookings. This question will help you filter a lot from your shortlist. Not all bridal artists are available all the time. With a growing demand for makeup artists, many of them get booked pretty early. So you must start your research much earlier.

What services do they provide?

As mentioned earlier, go through their blog or portfolio. Many makeup artists prefer putting up their work on Instagram. Checking their Google reviews or feedback and testimonials from their clients is a great way to see if they are the ones for you.

What do you want? Airbrush or HD?

Many brides prefer airbrush makeup. You can read more about airbrush makeup for a better understanding. Many brides choose this as it is light on the skin. What is your choice? Check with your makeup artist if they have the right equipment to give you an excellent finish.

What products will they use? Will they bring it or should you source them?

The primary question that you will be asking them is if they will bring their kit and products or if you will have to provide the materials for the makeup. Asking about the products will help you understand if any of them will be allergic to you. You don’t want to sit with pink bumps all over your face, do you?

How will they be charging for their services?

First things first, makeup artists have a varied budget depending on their clients. For a better and quick decision, put forward what your budget is and the makeup artist will let you know if they can accommodate within your budget. Other things to ask also include

  • Cancellation policy
  • Extra charges if any
  • Tax if applicable

This is another excellent way to rule out those who do not fall under your budget bucket. One thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong in asking these openly.

Are they okay to travel out-of- station?

Many weddings happen in a different place or an other destination. It is good to talk to the makeup artists and understand if they will be willing to travel for the task. If yes, ask them if they will need accommodation. Also do check with them if they will be having any extra charges for this. Usually, they expect you to arrange for travel and stay.

Will there be trial versions?

Once you decide your makeup artist, it is always good to have a trial version with them. This will also help you gel well and get comfortable;e with the makeup artist. Also, you will get an idea as to how you will look once it is done. Check with your makeup artist if they are open for a trial version. Also, check with them if they want you to come over to their place if you should travel for the trial version.

How many of them will be in the team?

Ask your makeup artist if she/he will be doing your makeup or have a team that will assist. If you are not comfortable with having many people surrounding you on your big day, you can always request them to cut down the number of people coming over.

Any plan B in case of delays?

It is very common for events to get delayed at times due to unforeseen circumstances. Discuss with your makeup artist how supportive and accommodative can they be in case of any such emergencies. Also, check with them what they have in mind if there is any glitch from their end, as you don’t want your big day to be spoilt for any reasons.

Can they also do hairstyling?

Many makeup artists often provide hairstyling services too. But it is better to confirm than assume. So check with your makeup artist if they will also provide this service.

Do they have a payment policy and an agreement?

The final thing to check with your makeup artist is that if they have a payment plan. Do they need cash to be paid in advance, or will it be a part-payment before the event? Also, check if they have an agreement in place for the same.

Choosing the right makeup artist for your big day should not have any compromises. Do your research well and choose the right makeup artist.

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