Nayanthara’s 9 Bridal Makeup Ideas For Perfect Wedding 

Nayanthara bridal makeup ideas

July 5, 2023

Introduction to Nayanthara’s fairytale wedding look:

Nayanthara was nothing but a dream angel on her wedding day! It was all love and admiration as she walked down the aisle in her gorgeous monotone red saree with a contrast choker and diamond satlada encrusted with empowering emeralds. She was not a usual bride but a never-seen-before bride with her magic touch of classic and modern flavours. 

She was art as she smiled her heart out. Her perfect facial features glimmered in the sun-kissed moments and were on point. She had kept her makeup minimal yet shined as the brightest star in the sky! 

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Ace your wedding with Nayanthara’s Bridal makeup ideas for perfect wedding! 

Here’re 9 of Nayanthara’s bridal makeup ideas for perfect wedding to learn that was timeless! Keep reading and ensure you do not miss the first one at any cost since we know it will leave you in awe!

#Tip 9: Get that smokey eyes done!

Nayanthara’s classic smokey eye makeup with the blend of metallic accents was bold and captivating!

Smokey eye makeup makes your eyes look intense, giving you a hot and alluring look. Since it is versatile, it can complement any outfit, whether a traditional bridal saree or a modern wedding gown. It creates depth and dimension in your eyes, making them look bigger and more defined. 

It is a timeless trend because it lasts longer and is perfect for brides who want their eye makeup to stay throughout the day. It can never be outdated since it creates a classic and sophisticated look, making you seem more beautiful in wedding photos and videos. 

#Tip 8: Up the drama with fake lashes!

Nayanthara clubbed her smokey eye makeup with false lashes and bold mascara that added fire to her look, making her seem like a goddess!

Using fake lashes elevates your bridal look by adding volume and length to your natural lashes, making your eye look bigger and more attractive. It makes your eyes stand out in pictures and videos and intensifies your makeup. 

Investing in high-quality lashes lasts longer throughout the day, withstanding tears, sweat and other wedding mishaps. It is also low maintenance and easy to apply, and you can customise it according to your preferences and the wedding theme. Choosing suitable lashes from natural-looking, dramatic, bold styles, etc., is crucial.

#Tip 7: Create a beauty statement with nude-shade lipstick!

The fashion icon opted for the lighter pink shade of lipstick for her wedding. It matched it with gorgeous eye makeup, a highly embroidered saree and heavy jewellery, making her look like a royal lineage!

Nude/lighter shade lipstick enhances natural beauty by complementing your skin tone and features. It doesn’t overpower the overall look and highlights your best features. It goes well with any outfit and upholds your eye makeup! It brings the balance between your eyes and your smile. 

It creates an evergreen and classic look that never goes out of style! Using the light shade also makes your lips look fuller and plumper. 

#Tip 6: Blush confidently, cheekily!

Nayanthara looked gorgeous in every way by opting for a blush on her cheekbones, giving her a natural flush.

It would help if you chose a long-lasting blush to look fresh and vibrant throughout the day. It adds colour and warmth to your cheeks, making them look more youthful and radiant. If your skin tone is pale or cool, blushing your cheeks gives your face a healthy glow. 

It helps define the cheekbones and gives you a sculpted face look, which seems impressive in photographs. When used, it creates a flattering and polished appearance, balancing the overall makeup and complementing the wedding dress. 

#Tip 5: Highlighter to elevate the beauty!

Nayanthara was glowing at her wedding, and full credit goes to the highlighter used at all the right places, making her shine like a fashion diva!

Highlighter instantly brightens up your complexion and gives you a radiant look, making your special day legit remarkable. It enhances the bone structure of your cheekbones and gives you a lifted and sculpted appearance, making your face more defined and admirable.

It gives a luminous glow to the skin since it complements other makeup, such as eye and lip makeup, and adds a balance, enhancing the overall look. It makes you look elegant and natural on your special day.

#Tip 4: Minimal mehendi for a subtle look!

Nayanthara’s lovely gesture on her personalised and simple mehendi with ‘WN’ (a reference to Wikki Nayan) written in between gives us a ‘couple goals’. 

A minimal mehendi look will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bridal look. It helps create a balance in your overall appearance, and it is timeless and classic, making mehendi an excellent choice for brides who wants to look chic and posh. 

Also, minimal mehendi is versatile and complements traditional and modern outfits, adapting to suit your styles. Putting minimal mehendi is less time-consuming to apply and dry, making it more convenient for brides. 

#Tip 3: Traditional hair bun and flowers to score!

Nayanthara tied her hair in a traditional bun and adorned it with flowers, making people fall for her as they do every time!

Buns have been worn by brides for centuries and give a sense of cultural significance and traditional aspects. Adding flowers enhances the overall look and can draw attention to the face, giving a touch of natural beauty. 

One can customise buns to suit their bridal style and preferences. A low bun with flowers can create a romantic look, while a high bun can create a dramatic and bold-statement look. Buns give a sleek and structured look since it is done by pulling the hair back, making your cheekbones and jawline noticeable.

#Tip 2: Let your brows do the talking!

Nayanthara’s brows slayed with the complementing makeover, making her the most gorgeous bride ever!

Well-groomed and defined brows enhance your natural features and create a harmonious gaze. It balances your facial features and gives you a polished overall look. Filling in the brows can help you achieve a more balanced and symmetrical appearance. 

It adds definition and depth to your eyes, and fuller brows create a youthful appearance, giving you a rejuvenating and refreshing look. Also, brow makeup adds a touch of glamour and drama to your bridal look. Note that brow makeup should be minimal and not too much and overlooked. 

#Tip 1: Bindi, for a win!

Nayanthara opted for a small red bindi that made her look gorgeous and left people to get smitten by her look and not take their eyes off her!

Wearing a bindi on the forehead adds colour and sparkle, drawing attention to the face and enhancing facial features. More than being a traditional and cultural practice, a bindi complements the bridal attire and jewellery, making them look more vibrant and beautiful. 

The professional makeup artists of Essensuals state that bindi and nose pin add a complete look to the bride, elevating their appearance to the next level. 

Why Dreamy Wedding Look?

When it comes to celebrity weddings, it is not just an event but a beauty statement that thousands and lakhs of people will anticipate. It is primarily because of the visibility and hype by the media coverage, extravaganza, lavishness, trend-setting factors, and lots of love and romance. 

Celebrities are prone to create a uniqueness at their weddings because, in public eyes, they are fashion influencers. Their marriages resemble red-carpet events, where they put their utmost effort and dedication into looking their best.

We all want our weddings to be extraordinary, too, as it forever holds a special place in our hearts. Hence, we take inspiration from movie actors, celebrities and fashion creators to mirror their looks or create something new from their beauty trends. 

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Wrapping up, this blog on Nayanthara’s bridal makeup ideas for perfect wedding would have offered some ideas for brides-to-be who want to emulate her look on their dream day. If you’re going to recreate her look or create a unique look for yourself on your wedding day, here’re some takeaways from the blog. 

Use a lightweight foundation, highlight the cheekbones with a blush, give a touch of neutral eyeshadow and conceal the flawless look with a creamy lipstick shade that complements your outfit. Visit Essensuals for your bridal makeup to get a makeover that enhances your natural beauty and showcases your features to shine!


1). What did Nayanthara wear for her wedding?

Nayanthara wore a customised and heavily embroidered vermillion red saree inspired by the architecture of Hoysala temples. The sleeves of her blouse had a motif of Goddess Lakshmi. She balanced her monotone look with a contrasting green oversized choker and a dazzling Satlada.

2). What is Nayanthara’s signature makeup and outfit?

The famous South Indian actress is known for her signature outfits ranging from traditional sarees to chic western wear. Nayanthara always keeps her makeup minimal with a light foundation, gorgeous eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara, and nude or light pink lipstick. 

3). How Nayanthara balanced her makeup at her wedding?

Nayanthara kept her makeup minimal, and her bridal look is undoubtedly one for the ages. She flaunted her handcrafted red heavily embroidered saree with subtle light foundation makeup, smokey eye makeup, nude lipstick, matching bindi, divine nose pin, etc.

4). Which type of makeup is best for brides?

Brides should know about different types of makeup and choose the best that suits their requirements. Some famous makeup styles include matte makeup, HD makeup, Airbrush makeup, minimal makeup, dewy makeup, shimmery makeup, powder makeup and mineral makeup.

5). Who is the makeup artist for Nayanthara’s wedding?

Celebrity makeup artist Puneet B Saini dolled up and glammed Nayanthara on her wedding day with minimal and alluring makeup. 

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