10 Essential Hair Care Tips for Monsoon

essential hair care tips for monsoon

March 6, 2021

Mane adds up beauty and elegance. More often, we concentrate on our face and do proper skincare rituals. But many times we completely ignore our hair. Hair occupies almost a significant part of our looks and having good hair can make you feel good. 

Maintaining good hair does demand a substantial amount of time and energy. With the monsoon season that hits us, it is essential that hair needs to be properly maintained as it is more prone to damage during monsoon season. 

Why does hair get damaged during monsoon? 

It is normal for hair to get frizzy in the monsoon season. The excess humidity in the air doesn’t suit well with hair texture and causes our hair to become frizzy. 

The scalp is more prone to get oily during monsoon seasons, and this is a severe drawback for people with a normal oily scalp irrespective of climatic conditions. 

Hair generally becomes limp due to the excess humidity in the air. To cope with this wash hair often can yet again make it lusterless. 

It is known that monsoon causes hair to fall more because your hair is deprived of moisture and causes it to become brittle. 

10 essential tips for hair during monsoon

1.Wash your hair after it gets drenched in rain

After hair gets wet in the rain, we generally wipe off our hair and scalp with a towel. Doing this can cause your hair to become frizzy. So it is better to wash your hair with shampoo and then let your hair dry well. Doing so will make your hair free of frizz and retain moisture in your hair. 

2.Condition thoroughly 

It is necessary to conditioner your hair no matter the climatic conditions. Especially during monsoon hair looks as if it has lost its density. Conditioning your hair regularly can smoothen your hair cuticles and retains the thickness of the hair. Make sure you condition your hair after every hair bath. 

3.Use a soft comb and don’t comb your wet hair

When your hair is wet, it is going to get damped with water molecules locked inside it. Combing it while it’s still wet causes your hair to break, and you might end up losing strands of hair. 

Use a comb with soft and fine teeth which will be smooth on your scalp not damage your hair roots. 

4.Oil your hair 

Don’t forget to oil your hair during the monsoon season. This can lubricate your hair on the outer side and helps strengthen the inner core of your hair. This helps combat the monsoon season’s frizz and damage of hair. 

5.Proof guard your hair

Remember to carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat that covers your head. Try the utmost to avoid getting your hair wet and damp with humidity. Using a good serum can also act as a mask which keeps your hair protected from damages of the humidity. 

6.Hydrate yourself 

Hydration is the key, no matter what. The cold climate of monsoon can not make you crave for water like how we do during summer. But you must drink as much as two litres of water to hydrate yourself as hydration helps in hair growth and maintains a good scalp free from dandruff. 

7. Don’t use excess styling products 

Keep the usage of styling products like hair straightener, curler and steamer to a minimal extent so that it doesn’t damage your hair and make it, even more, moisturize less during the hard monsoon times. 

8.Use a mild shampoo and conditioner

Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner you use is low in chemicals. It is best to use a shampoo bar and a mild conditioner which is free of harmful chemicals as you will have to wash your hair often during the monsoon. 

9.Eat nutritious food

The cosy climate can make you give in to unhealthy cravings. But make sure you eat healthy food that keeps your hair healthy and gives the needed nutrients to your hair. Eating food rich in proteins can help in maintaining your hair during monsoon. 

10.Maintain short hair if possible

Long mane is nice, and all but maintaining short and trendy hair is amazing. It is also easier to maintain it during the monsoon season. We are more prone to catch a cold and flu during the monsoon season, and having short hair can make it easier to maintain your hair easily and avoid catching a cold easily. 

You need not use all the fancy products and stuff to maintain good hair. Committing a good amount of time to take care of your hair is more than necessary to maintain good hair during the monsoon season. 

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