What Are The Hardest Hair Colors & How To Maintain Them

February 25, 2021

What’s your mood today? Blue, yellow, or a fiery red?

To think that every colour requires the same effort and exact process is to folly. Unfortunately, no rulebook can give you the perfect colour for your hair. Fortunately, we have your back! Some colours are hard to achieve and maintain, whereas others can fit effortlessly into your everyday schedule. Hair transformation is kind of a big deal, and we’re here to make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. 

After all, your hair deserves to be as flawless as you are! 

A badass purple, perhaps?

Let’s begin with the ladies who love their locks colourful and their personalities bold! Going for solid colours like blue, green or purple can make your hair do the speaking for you, but like every good thing in life, this too comes with a price. First off, it involves bleach. The natural colour of your hair will be stripped off to a lighter base, which can lead to breakage. You’d probably want to get professional assistance while bleaching. Secondly, your beautiful and vibrant hair will stay true to you for a week – tops! 

SIlver hair for jewellery?

Talking about ideal guests who leave before they must, we introduce to you the next hardest hair colour – grey! There’s nothing more classy than shining silver hair, but there’s also nothing short-lived than your silver bubble. What’s ironic is the amount of time and effort reaching the perfect silver shade; it generally takes more than one sitting! 

Bold and fiery?

If fiery hair is the look for you, be ready to visit your salon more than you see your friends! The colour fades way too fast, and you’ll find your red hair popping out when your roots reappear. Touch-ups will keep you running back to your stylist every 4 weeks. The ever-lush gorgeous red hair can never go out of style. Still, every shower post colouring can end up giving you glimpses of your most dreaded horror movie! 

Pretty with pastels?

The next hardest hair colour on our list is the pastels! This is a tricky one – and it works differently for different hair. This treatment will gift you new hair textures (textures you probably won’t love). The darker your hair, the more chances you’ll be stuck with damaged hair. Well, life is too short to be worried about hair decisions! So, be sure to consult your stylist beforehand and know what’s coming your way – because we, just like you, love pastels all the way!

An OG brown or blonde?

A good brown is the easiest way to go. If you’d kill for natural-looking brown highlights, we have good news for you! Going hand-in-hand with being trendy and chic, it’s also effortless to manage and doesn’t discriminate between different hair colours – dark or light, brown gels well with all. Achieving a good blonde might be a little complicated if you have darker hair. Still, it’s possible – and also easy to maintain! 

How to maintain coloured hair:

Everything said and done, don’t let your hair go white with the tension between you and your temptation to colour your hair – hold your breath – we also have solutions for you on maintaining your hair post the colour treatment!

Rule number 1, you’ll have to up your game from the usual ‘lather, rinse and repeat’ to a much more intensive routine – and stay dedicated to it. Well, that’s the only rule. Get into a daily hair care routine that will sustain your colour and protect your beautiful locks from damage. 

Washing your hair: A new member of your shopping cart should be a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner that will let your colour stay on for a longer time. Free your hair from any tangles before you step into the shower, and don’t use too much product! Don’t forget to massage the roots of your hair and go easy on your tips. Let the conditioner sit on your hair before you rinse it off!

Drying your hair: Don’t reach out to your hairbrush or comb immediately after washing your hair, and don’t forget to apply a hair protection serum before your hair meets with heat! Also remember to dry your hair at low temperatures.

Styling your hair: Getting the salon-like look at home is not as simple as what’s shown on screen. You’ll need to style your hair judging on occasion and show off your hair colour the best! However, your colour repels heat to avoid your colour from fading, style at low temperatures. Using these tools can also be harmful – so be sure to give your hair a little space to breathe once in a while. Apply products that will help your curls sit in place and also nourish and protect your hair! 

Yeah, maintaining your hair is that easy! Follow the routine, and wear the perfect shade of confidence that makes your hair bounce while you slay through life! Love is, indeed, in the hair!

Here’s an unpopular opinion: The effortless woke-up-like-this look is a paradox. Getting the ready-to-go look requires truckloads of haircare and styling! Do you agree with us?

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