15 Hottest Haircuts of this Year

hottest haircuts

April 29, 2021

With the turn of the year have arrived a plethora of whole new hairstyle ideas. The new season has opened a whole new world of various haircuts that create a sensational look. Regardless of whether you want to look and feel more attractive or boost your confidence, all it takes is just a small makeover for your hair. Reputed hair-cutting salons will help you with the hottest men’s hairstyles.

The Top-15 Trending Haircuts for Men 

1. Crew Cut

The one classic men’s hairstyle that never goes out of style is a crew cut. The typically displayed short hair on the top complemented by short hair graduated in length on the back and sides is an evergreen fashion statement by men. 

Getting this sophisticated, short, and fresh haircut frees you from much styling. It prevents hair from blowing in your face as well. The greatest benefit is that it suits any type of hair. You can keep yourself looking sharp even without regular trims! Approach your hairdressing services today!

2. The French Crop

Very similar to the Caesar Cut, this style often involves an undercut or a taper fade with short hair on the top of the head. With a long fringe in the form of more length on the top of the head, this crop gives you a boy’s charm while conveying your attitude. 

Neat and masculine, the French Crop is timeless. It is perfect for those who want to keep their hair short, yet make a style statement. Most of the leading hair cutting salons offer this haircut.

3. Ivy League Haircut

Classy by nature, the dapper Ivy League haircut originated among prestigious American Educational Institutes. It still tops the chart when it comes to trendy haircuts. Also known as Princeton Cut, this style gives a guy a preppy, sophisticated look.

Ivy League haircut goes well with light stubble or a clean-shaven face. The exclusive feature is that it looks right at home at any place or occasion! Consult your hairdressing services.

4. The Quiff haircut

Ultra-modern and ultra-popular as it is, the Quiff is surprisingly a classic hairdo that has been around for centuries. Featuring long hair on top, more so in the front, and trimmed hair at the sides and back, this is a high-contrast haircut that warrants a confident, stylish aesthetic to a man’s style. 

The Quiff comes in several variants. Basically, it combines elements of classic styling and the fauxhawk cut, while creating a silhouette with upswept, long hair on the top-front. 

5. Slick Back

Those having medium-long locks can achieve the slick back, suave look with this haircut. A high-shine look is optimal for fine hair, while guys who have textured or curly hair can rock this style by sweeping the hair at the front section back.

Curls may be broken up slightly to give a worn-in feel or can be left intact. It is one of the hottest men’s hairstyles.

6. Small Curls with High Density

Requiring minimum effort while producing a maximum effect, abundant small curls may be the right choice for people who prefer to present a careless, cool vibe. Keeping the sides short will boldly reflect your intention while enabling you to maintain this chic haircut easily. Your favorite hair cutting salon will help you with it.

7. Wavy Mid Part with Golden Dye

A flowing golden haircut not only brings in a strong vibe but also makes you look really hot. It is like viewing a ray of the golden sunset while you brush your hair back. You may change the coloring according to your preference, keeping it suitable to the natural shape of your hair. 

8. Long Hair with Part

A crisp part produces an incredibly striking impact on the long mane. If you have straight hair, you had better have the center parting in a symmetrical manner. Guys with more textured hair and softer features may opt for a side part. A texturing spray helps to create extra hold. Choose the right hairdressing services for acquiring this style.

9. Buzz Cut

An easy and excellent way to shake up your look, a Buzz cut is best suited to guys who prefer a no-fuss, minimalist look. Dating back decades, and despite its military heritage, this haircut makes frequent come back and ensures a classy appearance. It is more attractive when paired with a groomed beard or a suit. Requiring no additional styling, this haircut keeps you looking polished and clean.

10. Long Curls

What’s better than showing off your long and curly hair in all its glory? Guys who have hair with natural texture and volume may go in for long curls that will give a great look and display a relaxed attitude. You need to maintain the curls in excellent condition by properly washing and maintaining it. You may either wear your curls with a part or in a swept-back way. Get support from your hairdressing services.

11. Pulled Back Hair

Pulling back your hair during work or while playing is a sound idea. Keeping your hair pulled back gives a stylish look while providing comfort. You may just pull back half of your hair into a low ponytail if your hair falls around your jawline. For longer hair, it is better to pull all your hair back. Just ensure that your hair doesn’t come under repeated pressure, as this may weaken the hair. 

12. The Messy Haircut

With a messy texture on top, you will gain the look of a fuller style, while keeping the sides and back short helps to conceal the actual fineness of your hair. The Messy hairstyle can be achieved on medium, short, or long lengths. Your hairdressing services need to achieve a deliberately ‘just got out of bed’ look. Spraying with sea salt helps to damp the hair before drying it for adding texture.

13. Caesar Cut

A low-profile, short haircut with a fringe, this style is unique. The hair is maintained at the same length on the top, sides, and back. Giving a tidy, uniform look, this short layered hair look with a tight horizontal fringe makes one emanate power and authority. Incorporating a fade around the sides is a nice idea.

14. Butch Cut

The hair on the top of your head is cut short in every dimension while that below the upper portions of the back and the sides is tapered or semi-short. This gives a rugged look. Low in maintenance and versatile, the Butch Cut works well for straight hair as well as Afro-textured hair. When paired with stubble or a short beard, it looks great, as it does with a clean-shaven face! 

15. Short Afro

One of the gentleman’s styles, Short Afro combines practicality with sophistication. It is ideal for men who want a minimalistic style while not opting for a buzz cut or clean shave. The Short Afro can be tailored to suit your face and its shape. Reputed hair cutting salons will help you with this. Regular trims will help to keep your hairline clean and neat. 


By choosing the right haircut that suits your face and hair, you may make your style statement while feeling confident. Your hairstyle plays a significant role in making you attractive and admired. Choose a haircut that corresponds to your hair type. Haircuts reflect a man’s power, attitude, and inner sense of style. Delegate the task of maintaining your hair to the best hairdressing services.

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