South Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas


December 30, 2022

The wedding season is here!

Down south, weddings are intimate, grand, and classy in their own way! With age-old traditions and rituals, weddings are a huge deal in the country and are celebrated lavishly with zero compromises on the decor, food, clothing, gifts, and more. The entire family plans an extravagant event ahead of many months to celebrate a vibrant day deeply rooted in rich cultures and traditions.

And when it comes to south-Indian brides and their look for the day, every single fashion and makeup element is a statement in itself. In stunning flowy silk sarees and elaborate gold-plated jewelry, brides of the south carry their culture with elegance and grace. 

South-Indian bridal makeup is especially impressive and notable, as even though the bride’s look includes extravagant elements like magnificent silk sarees, heavy gold jewelry, and fresh flowers, the makeup adds an overall balance to everything. 

So, if you are planning to celebrate love the south-Indian way, we’ve got some amazing makeup looks for the diva in you!

Skincare tips to follow before the big day!

Prepping your skin for your wedding is one of the most important things you must keep in mind. Many brides tend to stress over their skin and often fail to follow a strict skincare regimen just before their wedding day. 

Here are a few skincare tips to follow to have clean and glowing skin on your big day:

  • Follow clean eating: Yes, skincare products play a huge role in keeping your skin blemish-free and radiant. However, your dietary lifestyle is equally important. Eating wholesome homemade meals full of carbs, protein, and fat will also keep your skin refreshed.
  • Stay hydrated: This is a golden rule of skincare that you will never stop hearing about. Drinking plenty of water helps your skin stay fresh and hydrated. Try drinking 3 liters of water daily, slowly throughout the day. 
  • Use sunscreen every day: Sunscreen is as important as your moisturizer. You can never, ever skip this step. Make it a point to apply sunscreen every day as it protects your skin from sun damage and other harmful UV rays. If you step out in the sun often, apply sunscreen every few hours. 
  • Exfoliate your skin: Exfoliating your skin regularly ensures that all the dead skin is removed. Make sure you exfoliate your face and other body parts when required. Doing it once a week can help.
  • Get good sleep: Wedding planning can tire you out, and brides often spend sleepless nights multitasking. But that doesn’t help your skin at all. Even if you follow all the above steps meticulously, you won’t see much results if you don’t get enough sleep every day.

7 Trending South Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas

Everyone has a different style. Though you can pull off any makeup look you want, we insist that you choose a style that suits your style and attire. Here are some ideas:

1. The classic South Indian makeup look 

A gorgeous and vibrant Kanjeevaram saree draped with neat pleats and zero creases. Lavish gold jewelry statement pieces. A typical gold matha patti. Subtle eyeshadows, glossy red lips, and kohled eyes. These are the essential elements of a quintessential makeup look of a south-Indian bride. 

This look is timeless and elegant, making you look flawless!

2. A bold look to turn heads

While classic looks are still in style, there’s nothing wrong in experimenting with your makeup and pulling off a bold and dramatic look that is bound to turn heads. Go for a bold, feminine look with glittery eyes, flushed cheeks, and deep pink/red lips. 

Or, if you are looking for something more picturesque, try a coloured winged liner or smudgy black eye shadow to flatter your brown lids. Remember, bold lips are a must in this look!

3. Shades of pink 

What better place to blush than walking down the aisle or getting married to the love of your life? And we all know that the colour pink is synonymous with blushing! And given that pink is a cheerful colour that is a favourite among many brides, it’s perfect for your bridal makeup look. 

Opt for a soft and minimal pink makeup look that goes well with your saree. Corals and blush tones are great options!

4. Modest and minimal

Many of the brides prefer the attention to be on their attire, which, to be honest, only makes sense. Since most wedding sarees deal with a lot of silk and jewel tones that make them shiny and grand, minimal makeup is the way to go. Instead of a heavily contoured face, use a good base that looks natural and has a soft focus.

You can choose softly shaded eyelids, and an airbrushed bridal makeup look with nude lip shades for a modest and naturally beautiful look.

5. It’s the eyes; they never lie

This south Indian makeup look is all about emphasizing your best features, which are your eyes. A dash of kohl and some thick, long lashes will do the trick! Add glam to your look with smoked-out eyes and carefully placed highlighter. The final look is stunning and picture-perfect!

To make sure that the focus stays on your dazzling eyes, keep the makeup minimal and natural.

6. Red lips never go out of style

Yes, red lips are overrated. But agree or not, they also look stunning everytime you put them on. So, naturally, they’re going to look amazing with all the bridal elements, like the grand saree and the gold jewelry. 

You’ll look completely retro-glam with soft eyes, a smooth base, and a brilliant, deep red lip- giving off major diva vibes! The key to ace this look is confidence.

7. Vibrant hues for the big bright day

If you are bored of playing the typical south-Indian bride in a red silk saree and a classic makeup look with pink shadows, this one’s for you! There’s more to bridal makeup looks than just red lips and kohled eyes. Instead, you can go for colourful shades in your attire and makeup, like burgundy, purple tones, and brown shades.

To add some shine, silver glitter eyeshadow will highlight your beautiful eyes, while prominent cheek and nose contours will add to the glittery appearance.

Walk down the aisle with confidence and grace!

Planning a wedding is exhausting. And the pressure of having to look your best is even more! But don’t worry, with expert care and professional services, your wedding makeup doesn’t have to be on the list of stressful tasks. 

Essensuals Salon is one of the finest beauty salons in Chennai, with services ranging from haircuts, hair colouring, bridal hair and makeup, and other beauty services. Our hair and makeup experts are dedicated to helping you look prettier and more stunning than you already are!


So, these are the makeup ideas we came up with after doing some research on recent wedding trends. If you are someone who’s been dreaming about their wedding day and going through Pinterest boards constantly, this blog is the perfect solution to your worries! 

Remember, no matter what look you choose to wear, a smile and some confidence go a long way! Smokey eyes or pretty pink shades, a bride nails any and every look. 

For kickass bridal makeup looks for all kinds of weddings, Essensuals is the place to go!


1. What colour do south-Indian brides wear?

South-Indian brides are from many states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Different brides dress up in different attires, according to their culture. While Kerala brides wear plain white and gold sarees, Tamil brides wear vibrant red ones. 

2. Do south-Indian brides wear mehendi?

Yes, south-Indian brides wear mehendi for their wedding day. But unlike the rituals and festivities in the north, applying mehendi is not a separate function. It’s just part of the entire makeup look.

3. Why do Tamil brides wear red?

The colour red signifies new beginnings, ardour, and prosperity in Hindu culture. Red is also associated with the Hindu goddess Durga who represents new beginnings and feminine power.

4. How do brides get glowing skin?

A healthy lifestyle and good skin care are important to get glowing skin. Make sure you follow a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Use safe and toxin-free skincare products. You have to follow both of these regularly to see good results.

5. How many days before the wedding should brides do a facial?

One week before the wedding is the ideal time to get a facial done. As a bride-to-be, you should focus on keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. Avoid any kind of heavy pollutants, dirt, and dust settling on your skin.

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