7 tips to get shiny hair

ways to get shiny hair

January 11, 2023

Flaunt your silky hair & turn heads around 

Shiny hair equals healthy hair, which everyone seeks. To get the best hair styling tips and techniques, you can seek our expert professional stylists and achieve whatever look you desire. If you want to achieve enviably shiny hair quickly, we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-do and inexpensive options. 

Make sure you use healthy products for your hair, like hydrating shampoos. Our professional stylists say: “Shampoos can be drying at times. Make sure you have the right one critical — a moisture-based shampoo and conditioner are best. We recommend a hydrating shampoo, especially for those with coarse, thick hair prone to dryness”.

Reasons for damaged hair

Hair breaking can be caused due to several reasons like stress, heat and overuse of styling products. Learn what can cause damaged and frizzed hair and how to stop it. 

  • Dryness: Dry Hair may be a precursor to damage and breakage. Several factors, such as dry weather, low humidity, and excessive heat, could also cause it. When washing your hair, use warm water rather than hot water, which can cause further drying. If your ends are dry, try concentrating shampoo only on your scalp. It’s also a bad idea to skip the conditioner. Consider using a hair mask on your midsection and ends.
  • Heat damage: Using styling tools like hair dryers to flat iron the heat caused can be one of the primary reasons for driving damaged and frizzy hair. To avoid damaged hair, give your hair strands a break from these styling tools to reduce dryness. 
  • Overwashing: If you have oily skin, you are more likely to shampoo your hair more frequently. However, extremely dry hair requires minimal shampooing and washing. You should gently apply the shampoo on your scalp and conditioner in the roots of the hair strands. 
  • Incorrect brushing and combing: It can be one of the primary reasons for causing damaged-frizzy hair. It is recommended to avoid plastic bristles when your hair is dry. 
  • Eating disorders: Due to malnourishment, such as anorexia, the hair follicles will lack nutrients to produce new hair, and that can hinder the process of hair growth ultimately. 

We know hair breaking and damage can be frustrating. However, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We have some great tips to get shiny and glossy hair from our professional stylists; let’s have a look: 

Styling tips for glossy strands

1. Focus on your scalp

It is one of the foremost steps to be followed to maintain shiny hair strands. There are several health care and hair care tips to be observed that can help to improve your scalp dryness, and performing a scalp massage will help to reduce the scalp frizziness. If you feel you have an itchy, dry scalp, visit our salon, and avail our scalp treatment services from top-notch professional stylists that will give you the desired look per your requirements. 

2. Slather on some oil

Well-moisturised hair results in shiny hair. Availing of hair oil or scalp treatments can help boost hydration levels and help grow shiny hair. Regular oiling may protect hair from pollution and the chemicals found in shampoo. It may also improve moisture, lustre, and shine and prevent hair loss. Use hair masks, and apply them to the damp hair from the scalp to the ends to enhance the moisture and get shiny hair naturally. It is a great time to start oiling your hair to get shiny -healthy hair. 

  • Oiling your hair helps reduce damage and heat and improves the hair’s elasticity, which is less prone to breakage. 
  • It helps to hydrate your hair and keep it frizz-free. Oils high in fatty acids and vitamin E form a barrier that keeps your strands from losing moisture. This barrier also keeps humidity out of the hair shaft, preventing frizz.
  • Avail of our keratin treatment to rejuvenate hair growth and get shiny, silky smooth hair. 

3. Avoid blow-drying your hair after treatment

After availing of a professional hairdressing service, we recommend you avoid blow-drying your hair to reduce damaged hair. Prep your hair with a heat protectant to avoid losing moisture and elasticity. Using a pre-drying smoothing product is suggested to fight frizz and moisturize hair. To reduce frizz, it is critical to direct the air from your blow dryer in the direction you want your hair to lay on your head.

4. Rinse with cold water

It is an affordable and accessible hack every hairstylist swears by. It is the route to glossy and healthy hair. Washing your hair with cold water helps close the cuticle after the hair wash. Our stylists believe warm water is ideal for deep cleansing and washing, but cold water is ideal for conditioning. Wash your hair up to three to four times per week to keep your hair healthy. Any more than that,  you risk washing away the essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy mane of your hair. 


 5. Apply shine-enhancing hair colours

Our brand’s hairstyle products are specifically designed to enhance shine and give you glossy hair. Our salon treatments guarantee to deliver super silky, healthy hair that will help you flaunt the best version of yourself. You can add highlights or some variations that will help you carry that sleek matte finish and provide a chic look. We ensure to deliver great results and offer long, squeaky, clean, long-lasting results. 

6. Brush your hair daily with a bristle brush

Brushing your hair smoothly will help to stimulate the scalp, detangle the hair follicles, and remove loose hair strands. However, overbrushing can cause damaged hair leading to hairfall and frizziness. If you want healthy, shiny and detangled hair, then as hair care experts, we recommend you use bristle brushes that are safe and not made of plastic. 

7. Intake of hair-healthy foods

Vegetables like spinach, carrots, broccoli, and sweet potatoes, help to enhance and keep the hair cells healthy. Try to intake protein-rich foods, like eggs, to enhance hair health. Vegetarian and dairy-free options include legumes such as chickpeas, sprouts, and lentils, which are high in protein.

Unravel the best hairstyling tips from our professional stylists

Our stylists have compiled a list of professional hairstyling tips to get shiny, luminous locks, which are as follows: 

  • Avoid hot showers to keep damage and breakage of hair at bay. 
  • Use protective damage/ heat protectants for shiny, glossy hair.
  • Try availing of keratin or scalp massage treatment to enrich the hair follicles. 
  • Find the right brush, and use them for effective shiny hair long-term. 
  • Our stylists recommend the intake of healthy food enriched to reduce itchy scalp. 

Glam your style game with Essensuals

Your style, your hair, however, we make your dream come true. We are known to offer the best hairdressing services in Chennai, a one-stop destination for all your beauty needs. We are known for providing a wide range of hair, skin, and bridal makeup services. Our effortless services ensure to revamp your fashion statements and make heads turn around. 

Wrapping Up

We hope the above-listed pointers gave you significant insights on how to get shiny, glossy and super silky hair. Try to implement our tips and get long-lasting results in a few days. And if you want to spruce up your fashion game and entail the best results, book your appointment at our salon and avail yourself of the best hairdressing services. 

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