Top 15 Trendy Hairstyles For Men

trendy hairstyles for men

March 19, 2021

Men don’t care much about styling and presentation. No. Strike that. With new styling options for men – be it clothing or hair, popping up every alternate day, men’s fashion is definitely on the rise and how! More and more men are getting into experimenting with their looks, and are willing to sign-up to go the extra mile in terms of styling and maintenance. 

When it comes to hairstyles, there are a galore of them that will give you the look you desire – be it smart or rugged. Go ahead and scroll down for a collated list of the trendiest hairstyles for men.

Try them out, add a dash of suave to your persona, and recommend your favourite cuts, man to man!

1. Combover

This is a classic – you just take a side partition and literally comb-over one half of your hair to form a fringe. This gives your hair a voluminous look and makes you look chic and classy. This cut and style prove best for men with thin straight hair and a hairline that is receding and works well with both casual and formal clothing.

2. Undercut

This one is a legendary hair cut, that has been trending from the 1910s through to today. The difference between a fade and an undercut is that the fade refers to the trim on the sides, while the undercut’s trim is done at the back, from right above the neck. The undercut is a style that is often combined with multiple other styles to create an array of fashionable looks for men!

3. Loose pompadour with a high fade

Pompadour is a style that never goes out of vogue. Got a good volume of hair? Get a pompadour done for the top layer, while for the sides, you can have a good fade. Start the fade a little higher, and pair this up with a full bear, and you are good to go! To style the pompadour, you might want to use a hair gel or wax, and set the height preferred!

4. The man bun

Call it GoT-inspo, or anything, long hair has become a thing amidst men today, and with lockdown making it difficult to gain access to a salon, many more men got to naturally try the ever-famous man bun. Long hair, often frowned upon by Indian parents, provides a long list of styling options, but what stands out most popularly is the Man Bun. The style is as simple as taking a part of your hair and putting it in a round-up pony or a high pony, letting some loose hair down. Please note, the messier it is, the sexier it is!

5. The beach-boy look

Beach is all about the wind and the waves, which is exactly what the beach-boy look is about, as well. Imagine hair, caressed by the wind and set by the waves – the look is a messy one but absolutely irresistible. Style it with outfits as normal as shorts and a rugged t-shirt, and you’re good to go!

6. Slicked back, with an undercut

Men with lush, medium length hair, assemble! This is the perfect cut, for you to add that dash of suave to your personality. Maintain the same length of hair on the top, and slick it backwards, with an undercut. This creates an appearance that is smooth and layered, while the sides are neatly faded. Pick this style if you want to give yourself a cool, contemporary look.

7. Straight fringe

This one is a classic, simple and straightforward hairstyle. This style requires the hair styled straight, falling towards the forehead, while the sides are tapered to keep up the volume of hair. This style enhances your casual look, so style it up with a pair of trousers and a t-shirt.

8. Spiky fringe with a low fade

This is a swoon-worthy hairstyle that scales up your desirability factor. The low fade joins hands with the short-length hair spiked on the top to give you a classy and an energetic look. Style this up with a jacket and a pair of jeans, to finish the dapper look this cut will give!

9. Go Military with a high fade

Also known as the military cut, as it was more popular among the military, the crew cut today is being adopted by more and more men, as a regular, everyday hairstyle. Perfect for harsh summers, as it lets the hair breath, and is less heavy on the head, the crew cut, paired with a high skin fade is all you need to amp up the class in your look. 

10. Thick quiff with a low fade

The quiff is a style that has been trending for quite a while, and if you’re someone with thick long hair then it’s a must-try! A very fruitful combination of the pompadour and a mild mohawk, the quiff when put together with a low fade creates a look that is an absolute charmer! Got thick long hair, and a full-grown beard? Get the quiff with the low fade already!

11. Topknot, with a designer undercut

A hairstyle that’s a rage amongst the youth, this involves the sides being shaved off with a pattern while there’s hair long enough to pull-up into a small bun, a.k.a the topknot. The topknot is the hippiest style, and the oomph factor shoots up when you style it with the right undercut pattern.

12. Long wavy hair with a low fade

This is a very simple hair cut. If you have long wavy hair, leave it as it is, and get just a low skin fade. Trim your beard like a skin fade to add more to the look. The waves of your hair would already do the magic, while the fade in the sides and the beard will only add to it. 

13. Messy hair and thick beard

Nothing can go wrong with a lot of hair. If you have dense, wavy hair, let it as loose and messy as it can be let, and grow an equally thick beard. This style spells rugged, cool and carefree! Style it up with a loose, partially unbuttoned shirt, and a pair of ripped jeans, and you are good to go!

14. Braids, spikes and a high fade

Braids work out peculiarly well for men. Have them on the sides, in between a high fade and spiked long hair and finish the look with an ear-stud on one of your ears! This is a style that is as unique as it can get. 

15. The buzz cut

While it can work on any kind of hair, it is magical when done on curly hair. A buzz cut is when a high fade almost reaches your temples, leaving hair that is closely cut on the top. Complete this look with formals, and sweep people off their feet.

With the galore of trending cuts available, most of them often give out great results, even when done at an affordable hairstyling salon. But what matters the most is the way the styles are explained to the stylist. It is easy for the style to get lost in translation and in that case, you are in for a mess!

Get experimental and try out the above-mentioned cuts to figure out which one suits you best! You can go bold and creative and create your own combination of cuts that is unique to you!

Remember, communicate right, to get the cut right!

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