Types of Haircuts for your Face Shape


December 27, 2022

Keep scrolling for the best styles for every face shape, from square to round!

Here’s the thing: you can have any haircut, regardless of your face shape. Go ahead and wear a pixie if you want to. Do you like lobs? We’re also available for that. That said, specific cuts traditionally flatter different face shapes, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share that knowledge with you.

The key to a great haircut is twofold. First, understand your face shape, and unravel the haircut that suits your face.
While it’s exciting to experiment and try something new, there’s something to be said for a classic, flattering cut. Consider it your home base—the look you’ll return to again and again.

Do you need more information? How do you determine the shape of your face? What about your skin tone? Continue reading to learn more about selecting your ideal haircut.
We need to know your face shape, and we’ll do the rest. Changing your hairstyle can reveal a side of yourself that you were unaware of. As a result, it is critical to experiment with different styles to see what looks best on you.

What is your face shape? 

Oval face shapes: Long layers, shoulder-length waves, full fringe, layered bob, or a side-swept pixie are the most flattering styles

Softening the edges around the forehead and strong jawlines is necessary for square face shapes, so wavy shags with wispy fringe, soft side-swept bangs, or long layers with fringe work best.

Round-face shapes look great with a long bob.

Heart-shaped faces look best with blunt bangs and wavy layers or with a chin-length

Oblong faces look best with style width at the cheekbones to offset the length.

Determining hair texture

Hair texture and type are essential to determining your ideal style. Texture and volume are important factors when adding width and height to your hair. Choose styles that draw attention away from your jawline and toward your neck and collarbone. If you want a shorter look, keep the sides short, so they don’t add to the roundness of your cheeks and forehead.

Types of haircuts for your face shape

Only some haircuts are suitable for some face shapes. A hairstyle enhances the appearance of your face and immediately becomes the centre of attraction of your appearance. Thus, it is vital to choose and experiment with several hairstyles and get the best one, which will help you flaunt yourself and stand out among others.

1. Haircut for rectangular face shape

Haircuts-for-face shape

Those with a rectangular face can work on making a strong jaw with long hair.
A soft layered cut, for example, can highlight cheekbones, enhancing your overall look. However, it would be best to avoid overly long styles, which can make you appear even longer.
If you decide to go with a longer length, try styling it with waves, or curls and soften the sharp angles of your face.
Regarding updos, soft and romantic chignons are preferable to high buns, adding length and sleek styles and highlighting your strong jaw.

2. Haircuts for oval faces

Consider yourself happy if you have an beautiful oval face shape. Due to their well-balanced appearance, oval faces can accommodate a wide range of hairstyles.
However, if you want to make a statement, you should consider either long locks or a cute, short crop.
A blunt bob or lob haircut with subtle layers will look chic on oval-faced ladies who prefer short hair.
If you prefer long hair, opt for minimal layers or style it with waves or curls to prevent it from dragging down your face.

3. Haircuts for square faces

If you have a square face, choosing a haircut that has flattering appearance is the best choice.
Consider a side-parted style to offset the squareness of your face and complement your bone structure.
Long, airy layers can also flatter and help hide your face’s sharp angles. Consider a short, layered bob to enhance the chic look!

4. Haircuts for heart faces

Long, face-framing layers can compensate for a broader forehead on heart-shaped faces.
You can draw attention away from people from your forehead by styling your long beautiful layers to create a chic look.
To balance out your angled jaw, pair this cut with waves or curls beginning below the ear.
A side-parted pixie cut with textured ends and a bob or lob haircut that will ensure fullness around your jaw can also look stunning on a heart face shape.

5. Haircuts for round faces

Round face shapes are distinguished by their similar length and width and prominent, rounded cheeks.
Long layered cuts and choppy pixie cuts, in particular, look great. Choose long, staggered layers that begin around the jawline if you want a layered cut.
To help lengthen your face, consider adding a short side french fringe, to make you look more gorgeous.

6. Haircuts for triangle face shapes

As a result, ladies with triangle faces must choose a hairstyle that balances out the jaw and minimises the bottom-heavy appearance of the face. To achieve this, select a cut with layers to soften your features.
Similarly, avoid straight bob cuts that draw attention to your jaw.

Make a fashion statement with your hair at Essensuals

You can make a style statement while feeling confident by selecting the right haircut for your face and hair. Your hairstyle has a significant impact on how attractive and admired you are. Select a haircut that is appropriate for your hair type. Your hairstyle reflects your power, attitude, and inner sense of style.

Wrapping Up!

We hope the above-listed haircuts gave you a fair idea of which would suit your face shape! Flaunt your fashion statement, and enchant your exuberance among others by availing the industry’s best haircut services at our salon. What are you waiting for? Get top-notch haircut services in Chennai, and embrace yourself!

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