9 Simple Bridal Makeup ideas for Wedding


December 30, 2022


It goes without saying that we like the elegance of bridal makeup. It’s becoming more difficult to identify the best brides from the rest as ladies improve their beauty.

Simple makeup is particularly noticeable because it lends a sense of overall balance to the outfit despite the presence of so many maximal elements, including the exquisite silk sarees, expensive gold jewellery, and fresh flowers.

Due to this, we are giving you a few bridal makeup ideas that you shouldn’t skip on your special day! As you scroll down to uncover simple beauty ideas, get ready to fall in love with every bridal concept.

9 Simple Bridal Makeup ideas for Wedding

1. Traditional Look

The traditional bridal look includes bindis, or ornamental colourful dots on the forehead. It is a piece of the bride’s traditional 16 adornments, known as the Solah Shringar. Everyone will turn to look at a bride who matches her bindis to her brilliant red lip and red and gold attire. 

2. Modern Glam

Even a traditional wedding gown can be enhanced with some modern cosmetics. After all, you don’t want your face to appear too outdated. “Stay basic but perfect. Showcase one aspect,” Soni advises. Smokey eyes (which will go well with the dress you plan to wear to the wedding reception, too!) and well-defined brows will work. 

Bridal tips

Planning a small wedding at your house? Instead of using thick eye shadow, choose bare, shiny eyes. 

3. Dewy Romance

Today’s Indian bridal attire is also very popularly worn in pink, pastel colours, and ivory. The romantic undertones of such a look are enhanced with a smooth, dewy face. Here, little really is more. Allow your skin’s inherent glow to take control! 

4. All Glam

Dark smokey eyes with strong undertones of gold and bronze can quickly brighten your face. Additionally, the luxurious appearance will seamlessly transition from your daytime ceremony to your evening reception or after-party.

Bridal tips

Get all of your skin treatments, including bleach and facials, done a few weeks before the wedding.

5. Metallic Tones

Say yes to metallic colours, primarily gold, silver, and bronze, if in doubt. Bronze eyes look great with formal attire and are best emphasised with complementary blush and a bit of highlighter.

6. Winged Eyes

For the Indian bride, a winged liner look will always be in vogue. The classic from the past has changed through the years and is now gentle and refined. The 2021 wing is more up to date. A 20-degree tilt rather than a blatantly dramatic one is present. 

Bridal tips Makeup should complement your wedding attire. Tones that would starkly contrast the hues of your wedding dress should be avoided.

7. No-Makeup Look

The “less is more” au naturel philosophy has been around for a while. It can’t possibly go wrong. In this instance, it refers to a very minimalistic, understated appearance with nude tones to contrast the colour that is normally worn by Indian brides. 

8. Colored Liner

The runways are covered in coloured liners in a variety of hues, including electric blue, teal, Barbie pink, and acidic orange. It had to contaminate bridal beauty appearances as well! It’s the ideal time to experiment with your pre-wedding looks, such as for the mehndi or sangeet, even though it might not be ideal on the wedding day. 

9. Siren Red Lips

Bold red lips to go with the bridal lehenga’s crimson colour? With this mix, you can’t go wrong. To avoid a garish finish, it’s also a good idea to keep the rest of your face plain. The essential components are clean skin, beautiful bronze eyes, and red lips.

Bridal tips

Consult a wedding makeup artist for application advice and recommendations for the finest outcomes. They may assist in bringing your ultimate look to life during a wedding hair and makeup trial in addition to recommending the best makeup items with long-lasting coverage. 

Why choose a professional makeup service?

If you have any queries about how to apply makeup, a professional can assist and even suggest products for a flawless outcome.

They choose products that are appropriate for your skin tone and are trained on how to apply those products. In order to avoid flaws, they also adhere to trends and approaches. These experts are familiar with the skin types of brides, so they will draw attention to your best facial characteristics and enhance your beauty.  


If you have been looking for bridal look inspiration for your big day, by now, you would have an idea of how to draw ideas. For more services like pre-bridal packages or makeup for other wedding occasions like Sangeet and Mehendi, click here to know more. 


1. How long does Bridal Makeup take? Is it inclusive of the Hair-do?

According to many Indian makeup artists, a normal bridal makeup session lasts at least three hours and includes the hairstyle. It entirely depends on the type of makeup you choose. If you choose to use an airbrush makeup technique, it will generally take less time than traditional makeup. Traditional makeup requires the use of brushes, fingertips, and beauty blenders, and it requires a little more time than Airbrush makeup. Because there are many more materials and techniques required, a sophisticated hairstyle also requires more time than a basic one from the Indian makeup artist. 

2. Is Traditional makeup better or Airbrush?

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to cost, an airbrush is considerably more expensive than a typical one. However, it is also the faster one. Make sure you see a reputable Indian makeup artist (MUA) because not all of them are experts at using the airbrush gun. Being an expert in airbrush makeup takes a lot of work, however with traditional makeup, you can take a chance with an amateur MUA.

3. How can I prevent my makeup from getting ruined by my oily skin?

Do not forget to pack a few blotting sheets or blotting papers if you have oily skin and significant perspiration problems. Blotting sheets and wipes are conveniently offered at any supermarket or cosmetic store. If not, softly dab your face with a piece of tissue paper. Make careful use of a delicate touch when doing that because it can cause the skin to wrinkle. 

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