Top Celebrity Bridal Looks to Watch Out for This Year

August 30, 2023


As the wedding season approaches, all eyes turn to the glitz and glamour of celebrity weddings, where every element, from magnificent venues to couture dresses, inspires brides-to-be worldwide. Among the numerous highlights are the stunning bridal styles worn by our favourite celebrities.

Celebrity brides always succeed in setting new trends and raising the bar for bridal beauty in everything from ethereal gowns to traditional sarees, lavish jewellery, to immaculate makeup.

This season promises to be no exception, as we excitedly await the unveiling of some of the most stunning celebrity bridal looks. Prepare to be inspired by the attraction of celebrity bridal beauty and the miracle of love!

Top 7 Bridal Looks: Awe-Inspiring Elegance for Your Dream Wedding

1. Nayanthara’s Fairytale Wedding

Celebrity bridal looks

Nayanthara’s exquisite bridal dress, which genuinely represented the aura of eternal beauty, was one of the event’s highlights. JADE by Monica and Karishma, known for their exquisite designs and attention to detail, dressed the actress in a stunning lace and sequin embroidered saree. The saree fit Nayanthara well, highlighting her natural beauty and shine.

Captivating Bridal Makeup and Dazzling Jewellery

Her looks which are prominent for their allure underwent an incredible transformation. The makeup artist produced an intriguing eye look by expertly blending earthy and golden tones. 

Her almond-shaped eyes were even more appealing with delicately smudged kohl and light-winged eyeliner. Nayanthara wore a stunning emerald and diamond-tiered necklace that resembled a regal collar around her neck. The necklace exuded grandeur while complimenting her outfit and boosting her innate beauty. 

Nayanthara donned a lovely maang tika that rested delicately on her brow, adding a touch of tradition and spirituality. The gorgeous pattern of the mang tika accentuated her features, making her even more beautiful on her wedding day. Nayanthara’s wedding was a delightful blend of tradition and contemporary, with her polite acceptance of conventions while injecting her unique flair into every facet of the event.

2. Radiant Grace- Manjima Mohan’s Ethereal Bridal Look

Celebrity bridal looks

Manjima’s outfit was nothing short of perfection. The cream saree flowed about her like a cascade of serenity, emphasising her innate beauty. Her saree’s delicate colour suited her luminous complexion flawlessly, creating a captivating brilliance that seemed to exude from the inside. The colour’s understated elegance emphasised her features, making her appear to embody beauty.

Regal Elegance: Manjima Mohan’s Magnificent Bridal Jewellery

Manjima accessorised her bridal gown with exquisite gold jewels, which created a regal touch. A stunning gold necklace wrapped around her neck, perfectly framing her features. 

Her matching earrings swayed gracefully with every movement, accentuating her beautiful neck and coiffed hair. Subtle earthy tones were used to highlight the warmth of her eyes, and a touch of blush offered a finishing touch to her cheeks. 

Manjima’s bridal gown was kept simple to highlight her natural charm and confidence, illustrating that genuine beauty stems from accepting individuality. Her makeup was applied softly, emphasising her features while preserving her natural attractiveness. 

3. Timeless Elegance: Kiara Advani’s Enchanting Bridal Look

Celebrity bridal looks

Kiara Advani chose an old-rose Manish Malhotra lehenga on her wedding day, ushering in an age of graceful and ethereal bridal beauty. Her radiant skin resulted from an unshakable pre-wedding skincare routine, allowing her natural beauty to go through effortlessly. 

Ethereal Sophistication: Kiara Advani’s Nude Rosy Glam Bridal Look

Kiara wore a nude rosy glam look for her wedding, which flawlessly matched her soft rose Manish Malhotra lehenga. Her makeup artist created a lovely monochromatic look with seamless elegance by applying a perfect base and adorning it with a wash of rose blush, eyeshadow, and lips.

 Kiara chose a sleek pulled-back low-rise bun accented with tiny red-pink flowers to complement her soft rose lehenga, according to the traditions of bridal beauty. The classic hair bun, a favourite among celebrity brides for good reason, not only added symmetry to her face but also drew attention to her stunning beauty and fashion choices.

Kiara’s attention to detail extended to her nails, and the clean girl nails trend has made its way effortlessly from runways and Instagram trends to the bridal realm. Kiara expertly captured the charm of this subtle yet intriguing option. Every step she took down the aisle emitted an alluring aura, capturing the hearts of all who saw her and leaving an indelible imprint of pure and eternal beauty.

4. Enchanting Simplicity- Alia Bhatt’s Timeless Bridal Beauty

Celebrity bridal looks

Alia Bhatt made a memorable bridal fashion statement in a fantastic ivory and gold Sabyasachi saree. Alia went for natural, radiant makeup that emphasised her freckles, relying on moisturised skin and only using foundation and concealer when necessary. Every detail, from her mehendi to her kaleeras, was carefully chosen to enhance her inherent beauty on her wedding day.

Timeless Beauty: Alia Bhatt’s Graceful and Natural Bridal Look

Alia’s wedding makeup was a beautiful exhibition of simplicity and grace. In contrast to the heavy falsies traditionally worn by Indian brides with smokey eye makeup, the lashes were kept natural. Her freckles were adored, and she gladly embraced her distinguishing traits. Her eyelids were adorned with a subtle wash of bronzy tones, and her lips were adorned with a delicate wash of bronzy tones.

Alia Bhatt’s wedding appearance was refreshing from the sleek, tight bun seen on most Bollywood brides. Flavien Heldt wore her layered hair in soft waves, which added a romantic touch to her overall look. Alia’s delicate, almost translucent nails complemented her bridal gown’s understated elegance, showcasing her attention to even the smallest details. The neutral nails might easily be coloured to match a grander event / a reception appearance.

5. Regal Elegance: Hansika Motwani’s Bridal Look

Celebrity bridal looks

Hansika Motwani exuded enchanting sensations on her winter wedding day in Rajasthan in a celebration of imperial grandeur. On the other hand, her bridal lehenga was the talk of the town due to its amazing beauty and delicate craftsmanship. Her lehenga, which displayed a stunning peacock design, was a work of art, elevating her bridal look to new heights.

Haniska’s Enchanting Winter Wedding Look

Hansika picked a dewy look for her makeup, which went nicely with her winter wedding theme. Her skin’s subtle radiance reflected the joy and excitement of her special day. Soft nude lips and delicate eyeshadow accentuated her features sufficiently, accentuating her natural beauty without overdoing it. The makeup artist masterfully struck a balance, enabling Hansika’s innate beauty to shine through while adding elegance to her overall look.

The handcrafted bandhej design dupatta added an extra degree of grandeur, highlighting her royal beauty.

Hansika’s wedding gown with stunning jewellery would be a perfect fit to describe a queen. A polki choker necklace draped over her neck, lending her beauty a royal air, while a nath and a maang teeka softly caressed her face, adding a touch of classic elegance.

6. Captivating Elegance- Katrina Kaif’s Minimal Matte Bridal Beauty

Celebrity bridal looks

In the world of social media, the iconic Sabyasachi crimson bridal lehenga has taken over. However, the bride’s glamorous, beautiful look has won our hearts. Daniel Bauer, a well-known celebrity makeup artist, did his magic on the gorgeous Katrina Kaif, creating a simple matte makeup masterpiece. 

In a world where many brides opt for excessively accentuated eyes and highlighter, Kaif’s approach highlighted the beauty of subtle elegance.

Daniel Bauer’s artistry emphasised using oil-free pigments, which beautifully settled the makeup and produced a smooth, camera-friendly finish. 

Her face was elegantly complimented by a delicate wash of matching eyeshadow, naturally coloured brows, and kohl-laden eyes, providing a lesson in bridal beauty that oozes the idea “less is more.”

Amit Thakur created a sophisticated centre-parted bun for Katrina, highlighting the gorgeous matha patti, nath, and jhumkis from Sabyasachi’s luxurious heritage jewellery line. During the auspicious pheras, her mid-rise bun enhanced her wedding charm, oozing grace and sophistication.

7. Yami Gautam’s Timeless Bridal Beauty

Celebrity bridal looks

Yami Gautam’s traditional celebrity bridal makeup was the focus of attention, as her wedding ensemble was a great combination of classic elegance and heirloom charm, as she wore a red bridal saree that belonged to her mother.

A Traditional Red Affair

Her makeup was traditional and exquisite, with smoky, leaden eyes. Her natural red cheeks complemented her glowing complexion, and her big, luscious red lips added boldness and glamour. Yami’s red lips perfectly matched her traditional bridal saree and beautiful ancestral jewels. Yami’s makeup artist used an exceptional primer to create a flawless canvas for her foundation, accentuating her natural beauty in every detail to produce a radiant and picture-perfect bridal look. Yami Gautam’s bridal beauty exudes classic sophistication and traditional qualities blended beautifully. Her traditional Pahari Himachali Nath crafted her bridal gown beautifully, adding cultural significance and emotion.

Wrapping Up

Your wedding gown can give a lasting touch of beauty and grace to your day of love. 

Whether you want to be a dazzling princess, a boho goddess, or a traditional beauty, these exquisite wedding gowns and bridal looks provide an abundance of options for making your dreams a reality.

Remember that this is your opportunity to shine as you prepare to walk down the aisle. Accept your uniqueness, let your personality shine through, and select a bridal gown representing your love story. 

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1. What are some of the season’s most famous bridal makeup trends?

Natural and radiating looks, delicate and romantic eyeshadow looks, bold and defined brows, and traditional red or berry lip colours are famous for this season’s bridal makeup trends.

2. How can I ensure my bridal makeup looks perfect all day?

To keep your bridal makeup looking beautiful all day, use long-wear and waterproof products, set your makeup with a setting spray, and keep blotting papers on hand to control excess oil.

3. What skincare routine should I follow to achieve a glowing complexion for a wedding?

Maintain a daily skincare routine that includes cleaning, toning, moisturising, and applying sunscreen. To obtain a glowing complexion, consider using serums and exfoliating treatments.

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